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    Sorry Folks, I totally forgot my login password, and no recovery password was sent to my email. Thus, every time I wanted to comment, I didn’t have the time. So I made a new username, hopefully i do not forget this.

    I let my Tetra collect some dust, and recently pulled it out, but I still can use this panel with the Tetra, Ableton, and an old version of Ctrlr. Although I had to update Ableton, since it had a midi bug in Lion. I’ve thought about updating it to the latest Ctrlr version, but DSI hasn’t even come close to implementing ONE THING! And I want to know how NRPN will change before I update.

    The limitation Khake said are probably not the VST’s fault. but Dave Smith Instruments fault. Read below:

    * As far as I can see, FL studio is NOT able to recall which patch I was using when I saved the projects in FL. If i save a projects using a patch and switch to a different patch and re-open my project the original/saved patch is not loaded. Bummer.

    * Also, if i change some parameter in a pre-defined tetra-patch, like OSC1-frequency and then save the project, switch to a different patch and back again (restore default parameter settings for the patch) and then open the project again, the changes I made to osc1-freq are NOT loaded. Looks like FL is not able to save the parameter-settings for the vst.

    I had a lame workaround, where the ableton project would set up automation in the Ableton Project to load the different patches for each voice on Combo Mode in the first 5 seconds of the song, and then the song would start to play. However, DSI did not have any midi to change COMBOS at the time! I reported this bug, and they enabled this, but now you can’t switch the individual VOICES on combo!!! So now I have to use the physical panel to edit Combo’s, which is tedious, with OS 1.6.11 and Voice 1.4.2

    If they update this feature, then I’ll redo my panels to work with the latest CTRLR. but without this, I figure what’s the point.

    And Multimode Program Mode, you cannot save!! even the Tetra forum is barely commented on by DSI, I feel like DSI could care less about the Tetra. I was probably better off buying a different synth, like a rack, but the Tetra was so portable…

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