What are the different uses of custom two piece boxes?

Two Piece Box Packaging

As your birthday is approaching and you are thinking to celebrate it with all heart. However, you are finding it difficult to find the right way to invite people. Whether you deciding to celebrate your wedding or want to give a gift to someone, two piece boxes are perfect for you. They are the most versatile boxes which are used for almost everything. Though there are many other boxes that you can use, these are perfect for multiple purposes. You can get a variety of designs and sizes in it. From color to design to size, you can customize every part of your box. For instance, if you want to utilize them for birthday invitations, so you customize them accordingly. Like you can put a picture of the birthday girl/boy or you can add write fascinating captions on them.

Moreover, there are many other useful uses which you can get on opting for the two-piece box packaging. You can utilize this box for giving jewelry, a watch, or another kind of accessories.

What is the basic structure of a two-piece box?

It does not have a complex structure. It is mainly divided into two parts. One is a lid and the other one is the lower part. It is used for keeping the things, you placed your product, invitation card, or anything in the lower part. Both of the parts come in equal size and shape. Hence, if you have chosen a small shape box, the lid and the bottom would be of the same size.

What is the manufacturing material?

Two-piece box is mainly manufactured with cardboard, Kraft paper, and other types of luxurious rigid boxes. The thickness of the material is totally dependent on your choice. If you want to go for thick material, you can add the number of layers. Similarly, a thin layer would require less material, etc.

 If you are looking for high-quality boxes, two piece boxes are perfect. Though these boxes cost you a little expensive, they are totally worthy to use. From watches to chocolates, gift cards to invitation cards, these luxurious boxes are incredibly beautiful.

 Is the two-piece box being customizable?

Two piece box packaging is highly customizable in every aspect. From digital printing to graphic art designing, you can customize every little thing about the box.  They come in a variety of sizes, from small to medium to large, you can get any size for your products. For instance, if you want a present a watch, then you can take a small box for it, while a large box can be utilized for giving sweets and chocolates. You can hire any packaging company, and get your two-piece customizable in every way. You can customize its outer covering with different materials like foil stamping, decomposing, and embossing, etc.

Customize the box with unique colors and designs. Just gather your idea, and tailored them in the most desirable form. You can get different thermoformed trays and other types of foams in the box; they will help greatly in keeping the product safe and protected.

Does the two-piece box make your product look high-end?

Since the two-piece packaging is incredibly beautiful. Its multiples the worth of the product. so, if you are opting for the two piece box packaging for giving a gift, then it will make your gift more beautiful. They are perfect for sales, and promotional purposes. For instance, if you have just launched a chocolate brand, opting for such packaging for the product will make your product more beautiful and worthy.

Add your brand logo and makes your recognition in the market

If you opt for the two piece boxes for your products, you can add a logo and brand name on top of them. This feature will make your brand’s identity in the market. Moreover, people will likely buy your product even just seeing the packaging. This type of box adds value to your product, they are best for luxurious packaging. They are truly attractive and give unique recognition to your brand.

Other uses of the two-piece box

 Chocolate gift                                        

If you love to give a gift to your favorite person, opting for two piece box packaging is a good idea. It has got a lot of capacity which easily keep your things in place. You can divide the box into further sections, place different cards in it and make different compartments. Then you can place all the chocolates in your box.

Perfect for giving jewelry

This type of box is incredible for placing jewelry items. For instance, if you want to gift a necklace, then a medium size two-piece box would be perfect for you. Similarly, if you won’t give a ring, then a mini-size box should be on your list. Decorate them with beautiful graphics and artwork and here you will go with your gift.