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Hello Atom ,

I’m rebuilding fx’s at uploaded panel ; i’ve removed the shit ( all layers for each fx’s types , all “baby” modulators ) It’s more clean now but i have troubles :
-When panel is loaded : incorrect visual
-Content mod is not changing when : -the nb of values is the same
-the value of mod is not changing when i change only fx type (Already posted for this issue : repaint() was not working )
I can refresh by movin the knob only

I’ve done hard work for this basic visual effect and don’t know now how to fix

Please Can you check in my dl section “RA1.33” file ?

3 Scripts fxtables,fx1select,and fx2select(but not applied content change on it yet)
in fxtables() there is tables used by the 2 fx’s scripts and some specific to each (set positions)
Like i said the fx implementation is complexe in RA and i can’t do simple things because i change each property component differently.
Can you tell me what’s wrong and what i can change ?

Thank you Atom for the time you past to try to understand user problems

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