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If i do that i will lose the value of modulators ?
the fx type will set mods props blank then their values will be set to 0 before i set new prop contents ?
Ex fx1 is on reverb : “damping” is 000 to 127, value is set to 100
delay : “polarity” is positive-negative , value will change to 1
note i don’t have problem in this case : the RackAttack reacts as same way and this
change the value and the range is not the same : even if “damping” is “001”(1) , “polarity” will be “negative”(1)
The problem is
fx1 is on delay : “feedback” is 000 to 127 , value is set to 64
mod delay : “feedback” is -100% to +100% (0 to 127 too) , value stay the same then the content is not refreshed

If i change the content to ” ” before “-100% to +100%” i will have a value to 0 ? I will try and set the mod value to original values after. this will render my script more complicated
On the Dasfaker virus panel , labels are used to do this thing it’s better but i need to reduce component nb to the max and don’t have so much space
Here are quasi-finished scripts (i found them big )

Thank you for the tip Hecticcc

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