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    I am trying to build Ctrlr Standalone on Mac OS X 10.10.5 using Xcode 7.2.1.

    This is what I have done:

    git clone
    cd ctrlr
    git clone JUCE
    [unzip the boost folder]

    I then open the ctrlr/Builds/Mac/Standalone/Ctrlr_Standalone.xcodeproj project in Xcode
    When I hit the play button in Xcode I get the following errors:

    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/object.hpp:980:21: Expected parameter declarator
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/object.hpp:980:21: Expected ‘)’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_member.hpp:71:40: Expected parameter declarator
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_member.hpp:71:40: Expected ‘)’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_member.hpp:233:45: Expected parameter declarator
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_member.hpp:233:45: Expected ‘)’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_function.hpp:82:42: Expected parameter declarator
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_function.hpp:82:42: Expected ‘)’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_function.hpp:245:47: Expected parameter declarator
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_function.hpp:245:47: Expected ‘)’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/object.hpp:980:18: Function cannot return function type ‘void ()’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_member.hpp:71:37: Function cannot return function type ‘void ()’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_member.hpp:233:42: Function cannot return function type ‘void ()’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_function.hpp:82:39: Function cannot return function type ‘void ()’
    ctrlr/Source/Misc/luabind/luabind/detail/call_function.hpp:245:44: Function cannot return function type ‘void ()’

    Have I missed anything?
    Has anybody got the latest master version to build on a Mac system?


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    subscribing as i’d love to get my hands on a newer build too.

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