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    i hope this is a useful title for this. i’ll chuck out
    the question while i look at earlier topics i’ve found
    on the subject – and hope that dasfaker is around to
    have a chat with, as i’m looking at his XP30 panel for
    guidance on this. the instrument i’m doing has similarities,
    the Roland D-110, with 4 partials (tones, for XP/JV), so it
    is loosely related. and i’m also interested in how the vectors
    work – lol, because i’m getting some freaky interesting shapes !
    -i think there’s a lot of fun to be had here-

    i’ve successfully made 5-stage envelopes with switchable
    sustain stage, and Amplitude Bias curves, and now i’m attacking
    the single-point Filter Bias – which is currently the wrong way
    up or something… ? … probably because i’m approaching it
    with an earlier lua method structure. and i’ll probably figure
    something out later on when i look at it again.

    basically, i’m hacking away at this, getting results more or
    less by trial and error, and i’d like to be a bit more directed 🙂

    if anyone’s good at vector maths, i’m not, really, so some
    discussion and explanation would be cool.

    (edit: on reading, there is some excellent info in topics on
    the forum, indeed. i hope it is all backed up! and does not
    suddenly vanish some day !)


    human fly
    • Topics: 123
    • Replies: 1036
    • Total: 1159
    • ★★★★

    here are topics related that i’m looking at btw:


    uiEnvelope Status

    How to use uiEnvelope component?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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