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    some more elementary questions:
    could someone offer some definition of these – i don’t know
    what ‘bootstrap’ means, for example -, and give a brief
    rundown of what happens as a panel loads (or a link to
    where this may have been discussed here)
    ie: the sequence of events, from intial ‘run’ of the program
    (or an instance etc.) up to the point where the panel/instance etc.
    is fully loaded and ready to use.

    i am using

    -- This stops issues during panel bootup
    if panel:getRestoreState() ==true or panel:getProgramState() ==true then return end

    wherever i want to prevent something from activating when the panel starts,
    (also see it without ‘==true’. i’m assuming that’s the same?) and see some
    variations on this, referring to bootstrap state, and also some methods
    doing things before the panel has loaded. so a quick rundown of these
    operations would be helpful. thanks.(layman’s version !! ;o) )

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