4 Apps Students Should Have On Their Phones

With its plethora of online tools and applications, there is no doubt why the internet is today’s students’ best friend. While most parents and teachers consider the internet distracting, the internet can improve your academic performance when used moderately. You no longer have to say, “Please, how to write reflective essay when you can easily access free tools to do the task yourself.

To make the most out of the technology-driven era, here is a list of four must-have apps for your college essay help you save time and stress.

  1. Todolist

With multiple assignments on your shoulders, it becomes imperative to track the tasks to submit all your assignments on time. Todolist is a task-tracking app that comes for free. You can make separate logs for each of the tasks and toggle multiple tasks as well. In addition, you can sync the app across all platforms and devices.

While the internet brings these apps to help you study, it can easily distract you with the continuous pings of notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes. To counter the deviations, you can download the app Freedom that blocks some of the apps when you’re working. That means you get to access other apps like those listed in this post, but you won’t be able to tweet, re-tweet, or share memes sneakily.

  • Essay Typer

Suppose you have been asked to submit an essay in less than 24 hours. So, how do you research the topic, write the content and edit it? You do not have to say “Write my essay” to others when you can use an online essay generator. All you have to do is type in your essay topic, and the tool will generate sentences automatically. If you cannot come up with a slant, you can use the tool to create topics using relevant keywords.

  • QuillBot

Paraphrasing may sound like an easy task, but it goes beyond just altering certain words. When paraphrasing, you must ensure that the restructured content has the same essence and makes sense. To make things easier for you, Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool that will do the job in under a few minutes.

Get these apps on your phone right away, so you do not have to buy essays online every single time. Usher in academic success this semester without spending money, energy, or too much time.

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