ASTM A193 grade b6 product produced by Manufacturer in India

Petrochemical applications benefit from ASTM A193 grade b6 bolts because of their low elongation, high strength, and heat endurance. The pipelines used in petrochemical applications are generally subjected to high temperatures and high pressures. As a result of the bolts’ great strength and heat resistance, the fittings remain in place. They are not affected by the fluctuating mechanical characteristics of the application they are fitted to.

ASTM A193 Grade B7 Bolts Manufacturer in India

Many different types of bolts and nuts are employed in practically every type of industrial application. Several standards and specifications define the qualities of bolts and nuts. A chromium-molybdenum alloy is used to make the ASTM A193 Grade B7 Bolts. As a result, ASTM A193 gr b7 bolts can also be found in the B7M standard.

ASME SA 193 Grade B8 Bolts Manufacturer in India

AISI 304 stainless steel studs are included in the specification for standard A193 B8 Material. Threaded fasteners such as A193 Gr B8 bolts and nuts are also included. In the fastener sector, austenitic 304 stainless steel is one of the most widely utilized types. Applications of ASTM A193 Grade B8 Boltsinclude heavy industrial pipework.

As well as studs and bolts, the A193 B8 Material is also extensively employed in the form of ferry bolts (12 points), socket heads, and a variety of other fasteners that require a specialized design. As an alternative to these fasteners, heavy industrial equipment uses B8 double ends & tap ends a lot.

Alloy Steel A193 B7m Stud and Threaded Rod Manufacturer in India

Fasteners of high strength and hardness, ASTM A193 b7m, are included in the standard. As a general rule, the minimum yield strength is 75ksi, and the maximum tension is 100ksi. There should be a hardness of 99HRB. In addition to bolts, the specification also specifies the nuts that should be used. Carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, chromium, and molybdenum are found in the ASTM A193 gr b7m substance. Chromium and molybdenum are added to the carbon steel to give it a unique appearance. Because of this, it has good strength, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

SA 193 Gr B8m Studs, B8ma Hex Bolt & B8m Class 2 Threaded Rod Manufacturer in India

There are 18 percent chrome, 8 percent nickel, and 4 percent molybdenum in the A193 B8m material, 316 austenitic stainless steel. Because of its material composition, the Astm A193 b8m Stud & Bolts are highly resistant to corrosion and strong and resistant to high temperatures. This specification covers the ASME B18.2.1 and B18.3 standards. A193 is a bolting specification for high-temperature bolting applications.

Stainless Steel Carriage Bolts Manufacturer in India

This fastener is used to attach metal to wood.These bolts are also known as round head square neck bolts or coach bolts by stainless steel carriage bolts manufacturers. Carriage Bolts with Ribbed Necks in Stainless Steel are widely utilized in applications that require security. M6 Stainless Steel Carriage Bolts, for example, are utilized when fastening locks and hinges, are utilized since the bolt must be detachable from only one side. The bolt head is smooth and dome-shaped. The Black Stainless Steel Carriage Bolts and square nut together prevent bolt removal from an insecure side by releasing it.

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