Why People Suffer From Disease: Its Causes

Whatever the causes of the diseases people should never stop taking precautions such as eating healthy, proper exercise, avoid an unhealthy lifestyle, and wear medical ID bracelets in case you or your loved ones are already suffering from any kind of disease.

Here are some of the views on the causes of the diseases as per science and philosophy:

  • Naturopathy states cause of any disease is enervation. Your low energy attracts disease.
  • Ayurveda states the cause of the disease is the imbalance of the tri-doshas ( Vata, pitta, Kapha)
  • Some of the philosophies state your bad karma result in disease ( dis-ease).
  • Homeopathy states the lifestyle against nature, against the harmony of nature leads to disease example, overeating, getting up late, to bed at night, etc.
  • Allopathy states the reason to be microbes, this science has multiple reasons, some are autoimmune diseases as well.
  • If you will study some of the philosophy and Yoga, at places you will find reasons for disease to be your mind/thoughts example gastric ulcers are the result of anxiety and resentment, constipation is attributed by the general sense of insecurity, etc.

So the causes of the diseases vary and there are many other reasons that we can find all over the world. But if you should get a medical bracelets for you or your loved ones as it has proven to be a life-saving device.