How to write an interesting essay about yourself

How to write an interesting essay about yourself

At first, glance, writing about yourself is not difficult at all. Well, what can be difficult in describing your life, thoughts, and attachments? But often when writing this kind of work, people make mistakes, and an interesting work turns into a dry autobiography. To prevent this from happening, you need to be guided by several recommendations, and then your essay about yourself will not only fully reveal your personality, but also serve as an example for others.

Recommendations for writing a story about yourself

  1. It is possible that you were instructed to write it at school or work. In this case, there are certain rules. You can write them out on a separate sheet to adhere to in the future and not deviate from the requirements.
  2. Maintain a consistent narrative structure. If you want to reveal your relationships in the family, describe childhood memories, you should not weave your career achievements there and vice versa.
  3. Be sure to follow the literacy, punctuation, and logic of the presentation. Even writing an essay about yourself for the most insignificant reason does not give you the right to neglect literacy.
  4. To make the essay complete, choose the mainline, which will be guessed it from beginning to end. This can be a trait of your character, hobbies, peculiarities of relationships with friends and family, life experiences, or worldview, and write my essay.
  5. Try not to make the story too strict. It is better to use the techniques of the artistic style (metaphors, allegories), and not be limited to dry journalism.
  6. Be sure to include interesting or funny nuances in the essay about yourself. This way you can grab the reader’s attention for a long time.
  7. Make sure the text evenly reveals your personality. You don’t need to write only about your merits. Try to present your shortcomings in such a way that they do not seem like minuses, but just temporary mistakes that you are trying to fix in the process of self-improvement.
  8. Keep the intrigue. At the very beginning, arouse the reader’s interest in you, for example, by the fact that you have a new goal or interest in life. But there is no need to reveal all the cards in the first paragraph. During the story, give examples from life, describe the development of your character, and only at the end can you fully reveal the whole idea.
  9. Always think about your future work plan ahead of time. If time permits, you can even spend a few days on this so that all the details of the essay are logical and interesting.

Practical advice

  1. Put a recommendation sheet in front of you and try not to be distracted by extraneous activities.
  2. Sketch the main points of the future essay: examples from life, memories, goals, and interests.
  3. The plan should include several parts: introduction, main part, and conclusion. The most extensive should be the main part. It is in it that you will fully reveal yourself as a person.
  4. Once you’ve sketched out the outline, reread it to make sure that all the details of the future essay are in a logical order.
  5. After writing the story itself, be sure to reread it several times. Focus on the general mood first, then check the punctuation, and on the last reading, check the style and spelling and write essay for me.

And remember, the main thing is to describe the most ordinary, from your point of view, events in an unusual form, so that the reader becomes interested not only in reading about you but in getting to know you personally. Develop creativity, and you can always appear in front of others as an extraordinary person, but never forget about the rules of spelling.

An example of an essay about yourself

Winter. Snow crunches underfoot, the wind gently caresses the ruddy face, snowflakes fall from the sky in huge flakes, covering the ground with a soft blanket. I don’t know why, but it’s wintertime that winds a wave of thought on me.

I want to achieve a lot in my life. I do not want my life to be boring and monotonous, full of dullness and fog. I know that to achieve something in life, you need to work a lot on yourself, your character, you need to be able to reveal in yourself all those talents that God has awarded you.

From early childhood, my parents taught me to be independent. They never stood over me, forcing me to do my homework, I did everything myself, even if something didn’t work out, I didn’t run to my mother for help, I tried to do everything myself. This independence has brought up my inner world, and I feel that I am not like my peers. I look at the world differently, at the people around me. Maybe this is what gives rise to creative sparks in me, and everything that I think about, what I dream about, everything that lies in my soul and heart, I expound on paper in the form of poetry. One of my poems is called “We, People”, which talks about people, about us, who we are.

We, humans, are strange creatures

We love to be caressed.

And with passion, we listen to the words

Those who conquer us.

We yearn for love

We are afraid of her.

We cherish our dreams

And we avoid aliens.

We, humans, are strange creatures

We live like in a Chekhov case

And life is confusing, complicated

Like a sheet glued to paper

I am fond of not only writing poetry, but I am also writing a book. This book is about the life of ordinary people. Starting from the school bench of maturity. This book is about all the trials that our life presents to us: about beautiful love and realitytragedy. I decided to take a lot from what was in reality, what I, my friends, experienced. Very little has been written yet, but the main thing is that there is a desire to write and that there are ideas. It is very important for me!

A lot is connected with literature in my life, and therefore, of course, I want to succeed in it. In the district essay competition, I took second place. I was very happy, but nevertheless, I was tormented by the fact that, alas, I still could not achieve a prize at the regional Olympiad in Russian literature, although I was trying my best. But then I realized that this is not enough, you need to have a certain stubbornness, and repeat to myself that I will still achieve my goal, no matter what it costs me. And this helped me – I took second place. Let it be not the first, but still, I am happy that one of the goals set for me has been achieved! and write my essay for me

The scope of my work is diverse. I try to be comprehensively developed, so I am interested in everything: painting, architecture, acting, psychology, philosophy, although we do not have a definite base in our village, if you wish, you can find something.

Giving joy to others is a great pleasure. See how your eyes sparkle with happiness, how your faces blur into a smile, and at the same time feel great satisfaction that you have not lived this day in vain. Therefore, by participating in school events: concerts, performances, games, I try to show everything I can.

Doing something insignificant, but good, you understand how many interesting things in our life. They only need to be created by ourselves and the world will be filled with goodness and light. I want to show it to people and try to participate in all competitions and events.

In the treasury of my achievements, I can count the well-deserved first place in the regional competition for traffic rules “Safe Wheel”. And upon reaching the age of eighteen I will get the right to drive a car. I want to take from life everything that it can give me while remaining a person not alien to human grief.

I won many prizes in the reading competition, both in my school and in the region. I adore Mayakovsky: his extraordinary, ebullient, but gentle nature, his unique, but at the same time simple images. How I would like to hear his works from the mouth of the author, at least in the recording.

I like getting to know each other, discovering something new. For active participation in school and district events, I was rewarded with a ticket to Anapa. I learned a lot of new and interesting things there. And most importantly, she expanded her social circle. I was convinced that there are a lot of good and smart people around.

I was also convinced of this when I participated in the Leader of the Year competition, where I won first place. I am glad that among all the worthy participants, they chose me.

From many lips, you can hear that life is difficult. Yes, this is probably true. And to achieve a lot in your life, you need to overcome obstacles, go through a lot, and only after experiencing all this, you can understand how difficult the path of the desired to eality is.