New Suzuki Access 125 launched, gets Bluetooth-enabled digital console

In India, Suzuki has unveiled the all-new Access 125. The 125cc scooter now comes with a Bluetooth-enabled fully digital instrument cluster with features including turn-by-turn navigation, call and SMS alerts, WhatsApp alerts, and missed call alerts, as well as caller ID.

Access 125 bluetooth price is updated at:

Spirit Airlines Corporate Office Headquarters

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Activate cash app card with latest tips:

You can learn the latest tips to activate a cash app card. If the problems come, you can have words with the cash app service team working every time. The online trend of making payments has taken an important turn. And most of the people prefer to choose the internet-based source when it comes to paying bills for the shopping. Therefore, to ensure no issues, you may connect to the service team instantly. 

8 Super Useful Tips to Improve Web Page Experience

About Page Experience

Page experience is a system announced by Google as a new ranking element in 2021, aiming to measure user experience about interacting with a website page. Google estimates the user experience for every single URL of the site and utilizes that information for ranking in Google search results for the URL. 

In about five seconds, when a viewer visits your website, he or she only has two option: to stay on the company website and explore about what company do? Or just by having a first look at your website, they decide to leave it? 

Website design company have found out that websites optimize for:

  1. The business
  2. Conversion rate
  3. Google

Core Web Vitals are the factors that are an essential element for user experience according to Google survey, that’s, measures and reports on the website’s performance. Every core web vital represents a distinct facet and enhances the real-world experience for the user.

The metric of core web vitals gradually evolves; the current set focuses on the significant aspects of loading, interactivity, and visual stability.


LCP (largest contentful paint) measures the loading experience, and it should occur within 2.5 seconds when the page is loading.

FID (first input delay) measures the website’s interactivity for better user experience performance, and the pages need to have 100 milliseconds.

CLS (cumulative layout shift) tends to measure the visual stability of the web pages, and the web should maintain a CLS of 0.1 seconds.

For the above metric, the website needs to hit the mentioned target for a better user experience. Page experience is a fundamental necessity for a website because it gives higher ranks in Google search results. Moreover, the competition is tough, and an excellent page experience provides visibility to your content.

In that case, it is essential to keep the site up-to-date for a better user experience. Here is a list of valuable tips to improve the web page experience for visitors.

8 Useful Tips to Improve Web Page Experience

  • Optimize page speed
  • Usage of white space 
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Use of image 
  • Visitor segmentation
  • Use attractive call to action
  • Keep your website consistent
  • Optimize Page Speed

With the hectic schedule, it gets frustrating for visitors to wait long enough to load a page; with mobile phones. Users can access various sorts of content anywhere around the world while drinking coffee at the coffee shop or shopping, and they want fast service.

Waiting long enough can cause frustration and leads them to move to other web pages due to shortage of time; according to Google, loading web pages for 5 seconds can increase bounce rate up to 20%. The user experience can vary for different reasons, such as speed connection, weather, or anything. A website must load content within three seconds to boost user experience.

Google provides information about the page speed service and even gives suggestions and advice to improve the page speed for a better user experience. To improve page speed, Google Pagespeed Insight and Pingdom Speed tests are good resources.

Use of White Space

In page layout or illustration, white space is also referred to as negative space; it’s the unmarked portion of a page between columns, texts, graphics, or anything. For the web designer, the right amount of white space in a website is an essential aspect for good design to bring the audience’s focus to the text and represent context more suitable and appropriate.

According to a survey, white space brings 20% of audience attention towards the context around the white area. It shows a well-constructed website is modern and open with an excellent experience.

However, remember that too much white space can create adverse effects too, so maintain balance; for example, highlight it with white space for valuable information.

It’s one of the essential tips to enhance the page experience for your website, but keep balance!


Technology is evolving and developing to provide better services to the user and eliminates difficulties; one of the advancements of technology is the mobile phone. Around 3.6 billion people use smartphones for various reasons as it easiest way of communication anywhere everywhere.

According to a survey, 50% of web traffic drives through mobile; as adults spend 8 to 9 hours daily on the internet, a successful website needs to be mobile-friendly. It means that users can browse the website with any device easily without causing problems like readability and zooming because this can negatively impact the websites.

Mobile-friendly is an essential factor in developing websites and attracting consumers; that’s why Google started to penalize the sites that weren’t mobile-optimized; that actions show that websites are fundamental to be mobile-friendly.

Use of Image

Visuals are considered one of the most incredible ways to communicate and convey your message to the public worldwide; as technology is developing rapidly, long paragraphs and text seem dull and reduce traffic. Using relevant images for explaining content can be interesting in the eyes of the audience.

But, be aware never of using generic stock photos to reduce the conversion rate because audiences believe in reality and uniqueness. Using stock photography can decrease the trust level between the company and the audience, even though a study has proved this.

While using an image to your websites, remember:

  • Use relevant images
  • Use original photos.
  • Optimize the image
  • Use integrate icons
  • Try to use multiple images for a showcase of the product
  • Try to use aesthetic images
  • Editing: cropping and rescaling is quite important

Visitor segmentation

Many websites provide similar content and information for the audience. That’s the reason many websites do not have higher conversion rates. To increase web traffic and enhance user experience, you must use visitor segmentation to your website.

Visitor segmentation is a system to categorize information into different categories. For example, a clothing website classifies apparel such as summer clothes, winter clothes, party wear, casual outfits, and many more.

This is the technique many marketers use to enhance the page experience by providing uniqueness, increasing visitors, and converting them into loyal customers.

Attractive Call to Actions

According to Google, a call to action refers to a piece of content intended to induce a viewer to take any action; a call to action is a technique highly used by marketers to increase their sales rate by generating the call to action.

Call to action is a psychological technique that plays with customer’s minds and attracts them to engage with a particular company, for example, using the psychology of colors; like blue resembles calmness, red indicates love and passion, and black refers to power.

It is one of the leading techniques to enhance the user experience for the website, and a study proves that attractive and appealing call to actions websites tend to have higher conversion rates.

Keep your website consistent.

Keeping a consistent website means using similar styles and techniques to the web page, such as matching colors and information. All the information should check on every page. This technique provides a beautiful themed website to customers for a better user experience. 


A powerful page experience website needs to fulfill all requirements to rank higher in Google search results and gain a higher conversion rate. The website uses these skills and techniques to construct a string website to boost page experience for the visitors.

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Pengertian digital marketing agency

Dalam menjalankan bisnis, penting untuk melakukan promosi atau pemasaran bisnis yang sedang anda geluti. Agar orang orang tertarik pada produk atau bisnis anda, diperlukan juga beberapa teknik pemasaran, seperti menggunakan jasa dari Digital Marketing Agency atau Digital Agency.

Digital marketing agency, Creative Agency dan digital agency adalah 3 hal yang tidak jauh beda. Digital agency adalah agensi yang membantu memasarkan produk dengan strategis melalui jalur digital seperti menggunakan social media untuk pemasarannya, lalu Creative Agency adalah agensi yang lebih terfokus kan kepada desain pemasaran maupun desain produk, sedangkan Marketing adalah suatu aktivitas atau serangkaian institusi dan proses mempertukarkan tawaran yang bernilai bagi pelanggan maupun mitra.

Jika dilihat dari sistem yang digunakan, digital marketing lebih bermanfaat untuk mengembangkan bisnis anda. Ada banyak sekali manfaat yang dapat kita peroleh dengan memasarkan produk kita lewat digital marketing agency ini. Terlebih lagi, penggunaan digital marketing agency tergolong low budget alias murah. Harga layanan pemasarannya sekitar 25.000-15.000.000, tergantung dari jenis pemasaran apa yang akan kita gunakan untuk memasarkan bisnis kita ini. Selain itu digital marketing agency ini biasanya memasarkan suatu produk atau bisnis sesuai dengan target yang diinginkan dan juga lebih terarah tanpa ada batasan wilayah.

Precautions when washing the bamboo pillow

How to Wash Bamboo Pillow

The cleanliness of this special bamboo pillow is crucial for better well-being of the skin, quality of rest, and real serenity. Despite the fact that conformable memory foam is one of the strongest cushioning materials available. It has a couple of drawbacks. A modest adjustable foam pillow can rest hot or smell awful. Also, regardless of quality, keeping an adaptable foam pillow can be problematic.

Throwing the dirty pillow in the washing machine is not an alternative. The washing machine destroys the fragile material. If you put it in the dryer, the filling will melt. That way, you’ve decided to do the research and come up with the most ideal approach to washing a flexible foam pillow. This article will provide you with complete information on how to clean a bamboo pillow.

2 ways to clean a bamboo pillow

There are two different ways in which you can wash bamboo pillows: easy and thorough cleaning. Gently perfect your adaptable foam pillow every or every other month by sprinkling it with a heating bang and then vacuuming it off. At this point, clean your foam pillow thoroughly a few times a year by lowering it and washing it in a tub.

Easy cleaning

  1. The most important thing you need to do is evacuate the protective cover of your memory pillow so that you can toss the fabric wrap in the washing machine. In the beginning, the defense case was a piece of the foam pillow and not removable, but it turned out I was wrong. You can wash this packaging consistently like any piece of fabric.
  2. The next stage is to get a bunch of heater pop and generously spread the powder all over the outside of your pillow. Try not to smuggle it in, and be sure to let it sit for 60 minutes. When it has definitely sat for 60 minutes, vacuum your flexible foam cushion with the cushion connection on your vacuum cleaner. The heated soft drink kills odors and vacuuming removes flakes or residues from pets. Turn your pillow over and repeat the process for the opposite side.
  3. If you find stains on your pillow, mix a bowl of lukewarm water with a fleece or silk cleaner. This is an increasingly tricky recipe to use for your pillow. Next, dip some material in your mixture and gently clean your pillow on site. Start by cleaning the outside of the stain and work your way into it. Use clean parts of your material when lifting the stain. When the stain is gone, take some flawless material and gently touch the area to remove any excess detergent.
  4. The final advance is to allow your pillow to dry. You need to put it on a flat surface and let it air dry completely. In the event that it’s comfortable outside, you can put it outside. You can also add a fan to speed up the drying process.

 Thorough cleaning

  • Stage 1: For deep cleaning, the bamboo pillow fills a huge compartment or your bathroom with lukewarm water and your fleece or silk cleaner. Fully lower your pillow into the mixture and once it is under the water, gently mash it to allow the cleaning mixture to pass through the flexible foam.
  • Stage 2: If it has splashed through, rinse it off in warm water. You have to wash it a few times until the water runs clear. This guarantees that all of the cleaning mixtures are not in your pillow. You may need to delicately crush your pillow while washing it as well.
  • Stage 3: Once you are sure the cleaner is no longer in your pillow, forget about it to air dry. Put it on a flat surface in a very well-ventilated room. You can point a fan to it to speed up the drying process. However, it can take up to 24 hours to dry completely.

Could you wash bamboo pillows in a washing machine?

In this case, consider how to wash foam pillows in the washing machine. The appropriate response is not unless they are obviously loaded with conformable, shredded foam. A highly adjustable foam cushion should not be placed in the washing machine as the material is too delicate to even think about falling and turning. Despite the fact that this can come as a surprise, the adjustable foam is often known for its reliable strength and support in bed linen. Be that as it may, this is of no significance if the material gets wet or is constantly twisted and bent.

What to Avoid When Washing a Bamboo Pillow?

Cleaning an adaptable foam pillow is easy. However, you should maintain a strategic distance from certain things to extend the life of your pillow to ensure that it behaves as it did before you washed it. Flexible foam is a fragile material, and if it’s not effectively rewarded, you might be looking for another pillow.

  1. Do not use unforgiving plastics, similar to dyes, to prevent soft foam from separating.
  2. Never put an adaptable foam pillow in the washing machine unless it is specified, regardless of whether the washing machine has a center. The spin cycle in the washing machine is overly uncomfortable and damages the conformable foam.
  3. Never put a flexible foam pillow in the dryer unless directed to do so. The heat from the dryer can dissolve the adjustable foam.
  4. Try not to wring out the pillow – wringing can damage the conformable foam.
  5. Maintain a strategic distance from the boiling water as this will set the stain in place, not expel it.
  6. Never use a flexible foam pillow until it is completely dry. The soaked interior is ideal for mold and mold to reproduce if the pillow is used before it is completely dry.

How do you clean stains on bamboo pillows?

Mishaps do occur and when they do, you can easily clean a small stain on your pillow using a variety of fixings and strategies. Some are more qualified for certain types of spills but will use what you have in case you don’t have the materials immediately.

Spot cleaning a mild spill such as tea/coffee:

  1. Evacuate the pillow wrap and smear the spill with a spongy towel.
  2. Mix in warm water with a limited amount of mild dish detergent until it appears bubbly.
  3. Use a wipe or clean material to identify the cleaner and water directly on the spill.
  4. With a lightweight, focus on wiping a roundabout until it appears clean.
  5. Let the pillow dry completely before using it again.

Stain cleaning of intensive stains such as blood or wine:

  1. Spread the pillow spread off and dab a modest amount of hydrogen peroxide on the stain with a flawless material until it stops rising on contact.
  2. Apply a limited amount of cold water to the affected area with a squeeze bottle or wipe.
  3. Using an old toothbrush, gently rub the stain in a small circular motion until the stain is pushed out.
  4. Let the pillow dry completely before using it again.

Do you need help or advice?

The information above is enough to know how to clean adjustable bamboo pillows. However, if you still have questions about this pillow, please visit us on the Internet. The above information will tell you how many of these pillows are perfect for a night of healthy and reliable sleep. Visit this website and order this convenient set to crack all the great deals on these queen and king size pillows.

6 Tips for Presenting Exciting Essay Assignments

Essay writing can prove to be a tedious task if the topic is challenging. Students often look for the best assignment help when they fail to balance two essential criteria- quality and maintaining the deadline. In this article, you will get suggestions on the quality aspect, and much more.  

You must focus on:

  1. Topic Selection

To stand out from the rest of the class, you must choose an interesting essay topic before you put pen to paper. The ideas you choose should have a broad scope of discussion. However, you have to put in the required effort. You must go through different blog posts, websites, university libraries, etc. For instance, if you want to write my essay on spirituality, you can refer to Zen Habits, Tiny Buddha, Café Truth, The Master Shift and much more.

  • Information Gathering

If you want to submit an authentic essay, you will have to furnish the content with legitimate information. You can include graphs, charts, statistics, etc. to validate your statements. For example, if you want to write a business essay, you must incorporate revenues, sales, logistics, and customer visits, etc. Furthermore, you can go through company websites and look for annual reports. If you find the task to be daunting, you can seek guidance from assignment helpers.

  • Authentic Formatting

Unless you create an authentic template, you will never be able to organize your content. Your introduction should consist of a hook, a thesis statement and a brief context of the topic. Create separate subheadings to cover all the angles of the essay in the body. Include bullet points to enhance the presentation of the paper. And, you must shed light on the important points of the essay in conclusion.

  • Using Online Tools

Today, you have the advantage of using several online tools to your advantage. You have the essay typer, citation generators, proofreaders and plagiarism checkers. The tools save time and offer you with instant results. To make sure that you stick to the stipulated word count, you can also use the word counter tool.

  • Citation and Proofreading

Last but not least, do not forget to cite all the sources in the text as well as in the reference list. Make sure you abide by the mhra referencing style norms. In addition to this, proofread your content to ensure that you have made no mistakes. Rectify all the sentence construction, spelling and grammatical mistakes. Verify the information stated in the write-up with the legitimate sources.

Hopefully, you will now be able to submit interesting essays. And  if you need the best assignment help, you must pore through the various educational service providers online.

Author bio: Anne P Gill has been working on students’ ‘math homework help’ queries for the last two years. She has moderated several prestigious academic conventions and seminars in his career. she’s also an essay proofreader expert for

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