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Here’s another update of what I’ve accomplished.

I have all of the parameters of the SN-S Partial block mapped except for Wave Gain, Wave Number (and that’s the TRICKY one!), HPF Cutofff, and Modulation LFO Control.

All those except Wave Number are easy, I just haven’t gotten to them yet.

I also found out to edit Partial 2, I just need to change 1 number before the number I’ve been changing to do all this (from 20 to 21 IIRC). I tried it on one control and it worked perfectly.

But before I go making a copy and another panel just like this I’m hoping there’s a “macro” way to have everything I’ve done be able to just change that one number in the SysEx string to make it work.

Otherwise I’ll be making a duplicate panel – which might not be bad so one can see the changes they’ve made on separate pages.

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