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Until you dump a sound from an external source to presets 80-99, you can’t even access those 20 spaces using the buttons on the synthesizer, so what i meant by local storage was that nothing stays permanent and anything new must come from external dump.

You can tell MAX a sysex string and it will calculate a sound based on it. But no matter how many CC values you change afterwards, you don’t get to send program from MAX and receive a new sysex byte sequence reflecting those CC changes. It will just send back the string you originally sent, at least that’s in my case. MAX seems to operate on a one way system.

I’m trying to craft a sound using a software controller, and then saving the array of parameters on that controller as a converted sysex preset string that can simply be sent to the synth at a later time. With MAX, it seems you must at least dump something to 80-99 just to even access them as sounds you can hop between, otherwise your CC sent presets on 00-79 are reset upon sound change.

SynLib works but is very much dated and has some concerning bugs.
Ctrlr with robust sysex functionality would help this synth a lot

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