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They are not broken, this is a feature not a bug 🙂

When you save a project with Introjucer, there is not option to exclude source files from using precompiled headers (stdafx.cpp/h) so you need to do that manually everytime you re-save the Introjucer project.

Also you may notice the x64 is not an architecture in the project, you need to add it first.

So add the x64 arch.

Then exclude all juce_*.cpp files, all LuaSocket files (i’ll remove those soon since we don’t need them i think), the lua.c file, and all the .c files in the Native/Linux folder.

Then it will build.

It’s tricky you need to select those files, right click, select C/C++ options, select “Not using precompiled headers” and then select Advanced or Command line and uncheck a small checkbox on the bottom right corner that tells something about inheriting options from parent solutions.

THEN you need to click on stdafx.cpp and select “Create precompiled headers” in the same option.

And yes everytime i change something in Introjucer i have to do that again (i wanted too do some kind of macro for that but never managed to get it working)