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Hey Possemo,

I simply did not have time to dig into the file you sent. It seems like the APR is completely different from the MKS70 one. So it means a lot of Lua needs to be rewritten. There’s so much that’s been added that it seems it should almost be another panel, with quite a different layout too.

I can definitely help you out when possible, but I too have very limited time to work on such a project, which is why it took so long to get it done in the first place. I’m the first one disappointed about this situation, but we all need to pay bills T_T. I wish I could focus more on music really.

Basically, it’s not so much work, but I guess it’s about 1,5 week fulltime. It’s just time consuming to make sure everything is working correctly, and making sure the panel is laid out in a useable and sensible way.

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