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oh, that too? – i just check that no group name is
present. i found that pasting or dragging things to
the desktop clears the owner group name.

but it does not clear the owner tab name, and when
you remove that, you cannot remove the remaining
tab number – at least that is what i am finding.

try this with one modulator on a tab: drag it onto
the desktop, save your file, close it and re-open it:
your modulator has vanished – because it still belongs
to the original tab it was on. you can remove the tab
name in the modulator list (with care, don’t go deleting
owner names on the wrong thing), save, re-open, and it
should be back where it belongs – unless you do ‘make
visible on canvas, and then end up in the top left,
at 0,0.

i am no longer sure this happens with groups, not checked
recently. i just always chuck things on the work area first.