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so, i’ve got quite a neat little Timbre tab there, but it’s only a few
parameters with a lot of empty space, and i’ve explored the idea of
having something else there – because a Timbre number has to be selected
anyway, and it could be a good place to select the Part being edited as
well. – and this would change all the parameters in view below, with the
rest, to the Part in question.(would have to have something visual with
that, to let the user know they’ve changed Part)

now, this could also be done on the Patch page, which is going to be like
a mixer page, where you can set up a multitimbral setup, or splits and
layers, and assign the outputs, etc.

i suppose you could access the individual parts accessing them from
both pages, that would not be a problem – and would be more convenient.

hope that’s clear so far. should be if you look at the file i uploaded.

but there is an issue here with saving: although edits remain active,
for all parts, Tone and Timbre during ‘the lifetime’ of a Patch edit
ie: until you refresh it by changing the Patch
*even if you power the machine off and on again* (check this out: all
edited tones and timbre, and the patch, will have an asterisk next to
them if they are not in their saved state) can only save one Tone or one Timbre at a time. i don’t know
yet if this means that you lose the edits on the ones on other parts,
i haven’t checked this out thoroughly. but i can worry about this later.
and if it can’t be done, too bad; it is still useful if you are trying
edits during playback of an arrangement, and inserting sysex events.