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right, so, what: shall i rejiggle it all into vertical parallel
layout? aaargh.. can do.. man, this is where things get really crazy
with the endless possibilities of design and configuration. you
could just scrap everything and start over at any point.

i quite like the current look, and making all 4 parameters available
in parallel as a concept. don’t really want to do draggable envelopes
(as i haven’t figured out yet what dasfaker’s example does, with
getting mouse position) and that would be essential to fit it all in.

the LFO params need to be moved back into the Pitch section, as that’s
all they do. the Steinberg interpretation is in fact an excellent overview.
but it doesn’t really tell you how partials are doubled when the other one
is off or at zero, nor that pcms don’t go through filter, and so on.

i’m thinking of moving Part Select to the top bar, which would be more
like a PG-10. this still leaves the issue of where the Timbre bank listing
would exist – ah, and all sorts of stuff. this isn’t finished yet, by a long
shot 😀