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Ok, stupid question time. What settings MIDI-wise do you have on your unit (controller, MIDI channel). No matter what I do I can’t get a peep out of either of mine. I went back to that old panel with the CRC checksum errors, and the same thing – except I can make “checksum error” on the LCD with that one 🙂 Are the MIDI channel controls that set input/output/controller operative in the code or am I missing something? My next step is to hook ctrlr up to midiOX and have a look at what it’s doing but I thought I’d ask first if it’s something silly I’m doing.

Funnily enough, not only do I have two D-110s I also have a Kawai K1r. And that works beautifully with the ctrlr controller, so there’s definitely not a problem with my keyboard/midi interface/version of ctrlr etc.

Please don’t tell me you have a Korg M3R too or this will get really freaky.

edit: I personally would stick with the direction you’ve got. Once it’s all operational in its current point maybe then is the time to write version 2 with all your learned knowledge to date, but also with code optimisation, librarian, input settings from D110, changes to positions, etc.