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you can try this Rhythm Part editor as well – but i recommend
doing a sysex dump backup before you use it, as it will mangle
your drum part settings, which will take some work to put back
as it was 🙂 – it is putting out sysex, so it should work:
D110 Rhythm Edit v.06 standalone (win64):

(this one was a quick draft – the notes before #35 are not
assigned, and there are no setup defaults. but it could be
interesting to try out. maybe not very useful until it can
have defaults, and maybe save some ‘kits’ in the editor.)

and here’s a look at what a full 8 part version could look
like. this one is *not* a working version, it is just how
far i got with it:
D110 8part v.70 win64 standalone preview:

nb: these are the intial versions, without any Lua, before
i started doing a complete rebuild.