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oh, many thanks for that instruction, didnt find an answer about this problem and thought there isn’t a solution jet. the loading time is much more faster! though it seems that the plugin gui behave a bit buggy.

– it seems that the gui window is/are 2 different parts (the panel part, and the upper part named "this is a dumb ctrlr wrapper" which you need to click when you want to move the window
– then when you move (drag/drop) the window, just the upper part is moving. and the panel window stays where it was, until you stop moving. then it follows the upper window part.
– if the gui is open and you select another track in the daw, the gui doesnt disappear automatically like other plugins behave. bad is that then (another track is selected) the upper window part disappears which you need for closing the gui. so the gui is always in front of the daw (ableton) until you found its track to close it.

it happens with the vst and also with au (at least on mac).