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I answered it a few times to other i’m sure. It is optional by creating a .overrides file in the same directory as the plugin, the overrides file is a XML file, an example should be in the Doc folder with Ctrlr, an example with 512 params loooks like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<ctrlrOverrides ctrlrMaxExportedVstParameters="512"

The naming scheme for that file is important for example if your VST file is in: C:develctrlrv4BinVSTWin32 and the file is Ctrlr-VST-Debug-Win32.dll then the overrides file should be in the same folder with the name Ctrlr-VST-Debug-Win32.overrides (same path same file name different extension). It will be loaded before anything else in Ctrlr and should override the default 2048 parameters.