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    Envision having a non-sluggish medication that will alleviate the torment, expanding and even peril brought about by a honey bee sting. Imagine a scenario in which a medication could do all that and cost under $20. Does it appear to be unrealistic? Welcome to the universe of homeopathy—a universe of endless abilities to mend, calm and solace the illnesses of honey bee stings and so forth. Apis mellifica 30, also called Apis, is produced using a bumble bee. In a FDA-directed homeopathic drug store, a bumble bee is squashed, added to liquor, and afterward weakened so often the culpable part of the honey bee toxin is taken out, leaving just the healing specialist. After this technique, it turns into an amazing medication for a real bumble bee sting and for illnesses that have comparative indications. Growing, watery-filled confined spaces of redness and irritation are the sign of Apis. The influenced region has a puffy appearance and in some cases looks like sacks of water under the skin. This isn’t not normal for the edema delivered by unfavorably susceptible responses. As a rule, it happens under the eyes and is now and again joined by hives. At the point when an eye is almost closed with expanding, Apis is likely the right medication.

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