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    human fly
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    i’ve been having fun discovering how to do graphic envelopes 🙂
    (or at least reverse-engineering methods i’m finding in panels)

    question: how to do bi-polar envelopes, that go in – direction
    as well as + ? the graphic envelopes i’m looking at are ‘chopped
    off’ to show only the top half of the graphic. it works great for
    a regular envelope, but this Pitch Env i have to do has -/+ centred
    ‘level’ for each stage, so it needs to appear on both sides of the
    horizontal time line (as it were).

    seem it will be much trickier than generating a series of joined
    vector lines with a fill under them. although not impossible: it
    will involve inverting the fill under bla,bla coordinate, no doubt 🙂
    and probably re-jigging the whole display higher up in the custom
    component window with an offset.
    (i’m still having a spot of trouble adding an envelope stage, so
    this is an advance question … and if anyone wants to help out
    adding a stage for the full Time+Level 5 stage, most welcome! i
    need to shift the ‘sustain’ stage along and add another breakpoint
    stage before it..) (this is the version from superJX, not the
    draggable points version shown by dasfaker – which i’d like to
    figure out next)
    edit: i just figured out the extra envelope stage, it was easy to
    just copy one section into it and move the sustain stage along.
    excellent !! hahaaaa now having working 5 stage time and level

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    I don’t know which panel you used as reference…
    In my Pro2 panel, I revised dasfaker’s code to make it automatically adjusting to the size and with indication of number of segments.
    There is an example of an inverted env graph in some panel.
    I will also built it in my Pro2 and P12 panels.
    If you can program, this is rather easy…

    human fly
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    that went quite well: i sussed it out just after that
    post: i raised the envelope shape by around 50% and put
    a centre line through it. it looks great 🙂
    working from the SuperJX panel version. and i think
    that’s the easiest to begin with. dasfaker’s version
    with draggable nodes looks quite complicated.
    i made the code look neat and easy to amend
    and keep track of.

    i also had a go yesterday at making an animated pulsewidth
    shape from the waveform display in the matrix1000 panel.
    figured out how to resize it down to what i need.
    doing that for ‘saw pulse width’ was a big more challenging:
    i was getting all kinds of strange shapes, had to settle for
    something approximate – couldn’t get it to repeat in a
    pattern like the original.

    custom component is very cool. so you can basically make
    it do all sort of things?

    how does one export lua from one file and then import into
    another? at the moment i’m copying across. it’s ok but
    there must be a better way of managing, say a library of
    favourites one imports during a project, before deleting
    unnecessary/unused ones to clean it up later?

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