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    hi all,

    I have been trying to create a Panel for my Emu E4. I’ve been using the Emu V1.2.6 EOS control Demo.panel as a starting point.
    I have been trying to connect all the UI components with the Hardware via SysEx generally with success. (Using as guide)
    All of the sudden i am getting this error and cant select any preset:

    Callback error; panelMidiReceived
    At line [1670]..... attempt to index a nil value

    I attached a Screenshot.
    Couldnt find any post/thread with this specific issue.

    What have i done wrong?
    Would this be because a certain preset has to be actually Selected first?

    I would like to build my own preset manager but im struggling to understand how to display text(?what ui component do i use?) i tried everything!
    If i start a fresh template using SysEx only when i try to modulate/control any parameter, the EMU does not respond(even tho i know the SysEx formula is correct).

    Apologies for the double question.
    Any help very much appreciated!! noob here.

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    have a look at line 1670 in your method and see what it is
    that … the other guys will explain this better … i equate
    it with not having declared something adequately. i’m still
    a bit woolly with it all, but that’s why i get those messages.
    you may have multiple issues there, it’s stopped at the first

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    I figured it out.
    At the line in question was a reference to some disabled controls which i deleted.

    Callback Error FIXED!

    How about the second part of my question;
    How can i display text thats coming in via SysEx? uiLCDLabel does not have a SysEx ability. I’ve tried them all.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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