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    Hello 🙂

    So I’d like to implement few panels the best way possible into Reaper. They are fairly basic panels (only 7 bit cc) and there is no Patch mgmt whatsoever built into them (don’t know how to do, just too complicated for me :/…). I found that if I duplicate Ctrlr instigator (the .dll) I can have many instances of CTRLR, and so I can assign to each an instrument, and in Reaper each of these plugins have a blank Reaper preset list. Great !

    But now the problem is that if I save CTRLR panel presets via the Reaper preset system, and later recall them, a new panel opens up for each preset selected. Would it be possible for Reaper preset system to only modify modulators theselves, not to load a new panel each time ? Who needs to open several instances at one time right ? There must be a way to have daw presets to simply change modulators, or at least this is what I try to achieve.

    If you know a way, please chime in :). And just know that I’m not able to code or anything like that ; I’m a simple musical mind that loves remote-control for hardware synth : I try my best to make this work in my hybrid setup but I won’t be able to code anything into the panels.. I’m looking for this “AH of course” moment, where you find a simple solution to a simple problem. ^^’…..

    CTRLR is AWESOME :p !!!!

    Thx !

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