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      I’m building a panel with quite a lot of groups separating various components and it’s easy for things to get lost deep in the boxes when dragging things around. I can see some modulators in the modulator list view that are impeding the function of the panel and want to delete them but have no idea where they are.
      There’s a ‘delete’ and ‘make visible’ commands in the edit menu but they don’t seem to do anything. Any other options other than tearing everything apart?

      human fly
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        don’t delete them. back up the file to new version – in case you have to go back if you mess up – and in modulator list, have a look at which group the modulators belong to. what you’ve probably done is copy these from other modulators when you created them, and they inherited the original group parenthood.

        the ideal way when you copy an existing modulator to make a new one is to put it first on the workspace before taking it to the desired new location/group, and then it seems to shed that original group association.

        so, providing you’ve named the modulators in a way you can identify them and group them together in a list easily, identify at least one of them, and try removing/changing the ‘group’ column, then save and close the file, and re-open it. if it appears where it’s supposed to, you’re on the right track. could be lots of work if you just had a big session making loads of new modulators, copies of ones in another group. beware, doing this can mess things up if you get it wrong… it’s a lesson learnt for the future when you copy existing modulators. i had some horrible experiences like this 🙂

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          Hi Jim,
          my recipe in this case: when having identified a ‘lost’ modulator in the modulators list and you want to bring it back: in mod-list, erase the ComponentGroupName entry and, if used, the ComponentTabname, then modify the position (ComponentReacangle) to move it out of the panel area to a position on the ‘free’ workspace canvas (you eventually have to enlarge the canvas): e.g. panel X-Y is 800-600, canvas 800-1000 => move the modulator to 0-900 (eg.: ComponentRectangle = 0 900 30 30)
          Deleting via mod-list: are you sure that this not working? Note that after every deletion the mod-list is reordered.

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            Yep, the confusion and issue is coming from the Component Group name parameter and after a copy/paste, the first thing to do is to make that field empty.
            To retrieve lost modulators, I’m using the modulator list then select one suspect in the list and use Edit -> Make selected visible in canvas
            Unfortunately this is re-positioning the modulator on 0,0 but then you can edit it and place it back where it should.
            Use “Sort using lexicographic algorithm before sorting on algorithm name.

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              Removing the group name brought them out and then I deleted them. They’re sneaky buggers.

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