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    i thought this would be simple. i’m on a 64bit win system,
    on it should be(?.. not sure now?) 64bit Ctrlr version
    running:(this looked like the version to download, but?)

    Version = 5.3.201, Build date = Wed Mar 30 00:52:44 CEDT 2016,
    Branch = Nightly, Juce = 4.0.2, libusb = 1.0.19, liblo = 0.28,

    i’ve been drafting restricted exes for testing, but have had no
    feedback or confirmation it works despite downloads happening.
    (i wanted to see how it runs as standalone)

    now one user has reported the first version i tried as ‘not a
    valid win32 application’ – so that seemed logical if i had
    drafted with the 64bit version running, so i ran the 32bit
    version from the Program Files folder, which contains both
    32+64bit, and did a fresh draft, hoping to produce a 32bit
    version. same user has reported it opening a blank Ctrlr.

    so what am i doing wrong, and how is this done? i need a
    32bit version and a a 64bit version (hadn’t thought of this).

    thanks for any help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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