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    Hi ,
    i have an issue : only one panel, and not others, is not able to export instances with resssources
    in windows10 , Ctrlr 5.3.201 to 6.0.26
    It exports but when i open the instance i get error messages
    I can export any panel with this file excepts this one
    A 2,3 mb valid xml file
    With XmlNotepad i try to see what is fucked but i see anything

    Anyone had this kind of issue ?

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    I would first change the directory name of your images from µQ to MQ.
    Could be that.
    Maybe reload the images in the panel then export
    Check the images and their names in the temp directory of your panel (on PC under Appdata/Roaming/Ctrlr/your_panel_ID
    Good luck!

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    Thank you for the suggestion
    i tried changing panel name , the xml is called MQSounds
    this panel does not use image or sliders with images
    my others panels can export images

    i use the file in callback “Called when the panel is created”

    local RF = resources:getResource("MQSounds")
         if RF ~= nil
       then local BD = RF:asXml()
                  MyRom = XmlElement(BD)

    and get it in “Called when data is restored”

    for s = 1,420 
               if s <= 100 
             then u = "M"..s
            elseif s >= 101
              and s <= 400
             then u = "S"..s - 100
           elseif s >= 401
             then u = "D"..s - 400
            if stateData:getChild(2):hasProperty(u) == true 
          then MyRom:getChildElement(7):setAttribute(u,stateData:getChild(2):getProperty(u))

    all seems ok
    i think i need to go in CTRLR source and see , all seems ok in my panel in ressource directory into XmlNotepad

    Edit: I checked roamming folder already
    I ve seen a callbak called “luaPanelResourcesLoaded” i currently don t know what i could type inside that could help
    I have removed the µ in panel name and directories ,reloaded resourcebut the error is still there

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