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    Heya guys,

    I have been working on my panel for quite a bit now and I’m no programmer so any time I’ve hit a brick wall I’ve just come here for the answers, now progress is coming along but I’m going back over things to tidy up a lot since there are a lot of methods and a lot of messy coding and obsolete code. One thing that I’m unsure how to do that would help with this a lot is – throughout my methods I have “utility” functions (at least thats how I’ll refer to them – nothing to do with the utility features etc in Ctrlr) that are used all over the place in different methods, I just copy and paste them into each script that needs to use it.

    What I’m looking for is how I can have the function declared in one place that I can access from each of my methods without having to have it written out in every other script…Kind of like how in c++ you would have a header file with functions, variables, etc and just #include to reference the functions from it…this stems from just a general lack of understanding of Lua & Ctrlr, (and to an extent programming in general – still pretty n00b).

    for example I have a function for decoding patch/program dumps used in a few places, where ideally I’d have it declared in one file:

    -- utility functions method
    function decodeDump(patchData)
      --my function code


    -- Load patch data method
    function loadPatchData()
      local patchData = {FO, 00, .. F7}
      local decodedData = decodeDump(patchData)

    I assume this is pretty easily doable as it took me an age to realize that I can access non local variables from any method by simply…typing out the variable name. So yeah, any help is appreciated – probably something very obvious or easy to find elsewhere but this forum has proved super helpful so far so it’s pretty much my go to atm.


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    In the lua editor, Right click on the lua cube and create a function by clicking on Add Method.

    Then you can access that function globally and call it from multiple parts of your panel.

    myRandom = function()
        return (math.random(0, 512))
    a = function()
        local b = myRandom()
        return b + b
    b = function(n)
        if n == true then
            return myRandom()
    console("" .. b(true))


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    Sweeeet, thanks again Dnaldoog

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