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    i have three device i’d like to make panels for.

    The Korg MicroSTATION
    The Roland SP-606
    The Boss SP-505

    the korg has an editor already. its old and still works but not in my platform

    Ubuntu Linux

    I run FL studio 20 in wine and it works great but the microstation editor is looking for the
    windows driver for the keyboard and will quit on me unexpectedly if it starts at all.

    I figured I might give it a try with cntrlr and while i’m at it i might as well make one for the other two devices i use the most.

    i’m just a little concerned about how to accomplish this.

    this app looks deep and i was wondering if there is any training out here i could find to learn how to make these panels.

    i see a lot of the roland and korg stuff has already been done.

    and since my DAW is a windows app but my platform is linux will cntrlr run in wine?

    forgive me if these are stupid questions, i’m just trying to get my toys to play nice together and share any results i make.

    thanks for reading.


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    Thanks for help

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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