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    I’ve tried to put MCU messages on Ctrlr slider but not really working.I think no reason Ctrlr can’t

    What i know of MCU messages :

    Bi-directional protocol

    All or most MCU buttons  are midi note messages : note on AND note off

    Vpot are CC messages but not working directly in Ctrlr ( may be cause birectional)

    Volume are pitchbend messages but there’s 16000 values in MCU and when i type same numbers of values in Ctrlr slider properties this not works and the values is not really exactly the same by MCU knob increments each times.

    LUA could render possible a MCU panel?

    The reason of a such panel?

    Touchscreen or

    to control(and record movements) a host by another host

    or maschine vst can control(and record movements) his proper host !

    Good idea ?




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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