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    Can you advise on triggering a button with MIDI On & Off from external MIDI hardware that will update the Button image state On & Off in CTRLR ?

    I have a DIY MIDI hardware that I have build to send a MIDI On when press on a Button, and send a MIDI Off when release a button.

    But the image in CTRLR can only be ‘On” state. I have issued for release the image to ‘Off’ state.

    I have also have Faders that send MIDI CC to CTRLR in-built sliders which works correspondingly when pushing fader up and down. The Image will move accordingly. This is working.

    Please advise, Thanks !

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    Can you be a bit more precise?
    This should be straightforward as all synths have On/Off switches…

    – what are you sending as message to “On”? Some CC, NRPN, sysex?
    – what are you sending to “Off”?

    Build an image with 2 frames (one picture for On then one for Off).
    Use a uiImageButton modulator.
    Value 0 will display first image, value 1 will display the second image

    Start your device
    Set your Midi connection with the Midi menu
    Open Midi monitor window and enable Input and output monitoring
    Save, close and re-open your panel
    Switch the button on your device then check the midi monitor
    Should display the correct messages with values 0 and 1
    Maybe you have 0 but then another value which is preventing the display of the second image

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    Thanks for reply.

    Yes, I have tested the device and CTRLR in ‘output input” monitor showing correct values.

    The MIDI devices that send a MIDI note is :
    Button press = Note on, ch 1, Velocity 127
    Button release = Note off, ch 1, Velocity 0

    In CTRLR Component Buttons Uibutton Component :
    Value for ON state = 1
    Value for OFF state = 0
    Button values – OFF = 0
    ON = 127

    As I am using the DIY MIDI device to control lighting software, it uses velocity 0-127.
    I have program the DIY MIDI device in arduino that sends direct MIDI DIN output to a USB midi cable to CTRLR software.

    I have managed to only turn ‘On’ the Button when Note On is sent.
    But did not change to ‘OFF’ when Button is release.
    The MIDI device Button is a MX keyboard Button.

    In CTRLR I can press the Image Button to send output Note on & Off.

    Both CTRLR and MIDI device output is same Note and value when trigger and release.
    [Note on] Ch:[1] Val:[127]
    [Note off] Ch:[1] Val:[0]


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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