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    I have a problem in Cubase Artist 6 with CTRLR.

    I have installed the VST of the Moog Little phatty and the Evolver, but it is impossible for me to select my midi-out. When I try to select a midiport, I see nothing when I use the plugins standalone. In Cubase I see something, but only the Windows midi which I can not use. I also don’t see my USB midi controller.

    Can someone give me some hints on how to solve this.

    I use the RME HDSP9632 card on Windows 7 64-bit. I use the Cubase 32-bit.

    BTW: the CTRLR software is really great. I am not a programmer, but if you would need some an interface design, feel free to contact me.


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    I have tried everything now. Midi Yoke, adding it by the "Instruments rack", just a plain instrument channel, though the midiports of my USB-keyboard, but nothing works. The only thing I can think of, is that there is a bug who does not send out midi in one way or an other.

    I am convinced that if CTRLR would be able to find my midi on the soundcard it would work. But I find it already weird that that does not show up in the first place.

    Really strange.

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    Well the MIDI ports are what the OS is telling Ctrlr, i really have not seen a situation where a particular port was not seen by Ctrlr, unless the somehow the driver does not support the old MIDI API for Windows and does only DirectX. Ctrlr uses the old MMIO api (actualy that’s what JUCE uses i’m just re-using it). Try different bit versions (64 cs 32) and standalone versions of Ctrlr see if that changes anything (close Cubase maybe to see if that’s doing anything).

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    "selphet":1ahbcmim wrote:
    I have tried everything now.

    Really strange.[/quote:1ahbcmim]

    just curious, have you assigned the device/port in question within renoise’s own "devices" icon on the top tool bar, and additionally go into edit mode for the panel, and be sure the in/out MIDI devices are selected at the top of the panel settings on the right.
    If you show the toolbar (right click, toolbar) you can also see the midi in/out devices there too, but you need to add them (with the properties icon).

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    After long searching I found my anwer. If other people are having problems with configuring it in Cubase, here is what I did:

    [list:30otnkrk]Go to Devices -> VST Instruments and load the instrument in the VST rack. You will be asked to make a seperate Midi Track, click OK.[/list:u:30otnkrk]
    [list:30otnkrk]Once your plugin is loaded, got to the Preferences panel in your CTRLR plugin. There I choose 2 times, "Use VST Output" and "Midi Thru". Also, as output device I choose my right Midi Output.[/list:u:30otnkrk]
    [list:30otnkrk]Then in the Cubase Midi Track choose your right Midi Channel. That should work.[/list:u:30otnkrk]

    Still I am having some issues. For example, I can not use two controller plugins. If I open the second one, and I try to select my Midi Device. I get a warning that the midi device is already running.

    Also, with the RME I have 2 midi in’s and two midi out’s. That is what I see in Cubase. The first pair out, are the physical ones. As a description for the second pair I have "Windows Midi". I don’t know what that is, but I asked RME. Anyway, if I select my midi output device in the CTRLR preferences, I have to select that last one. It is the only one in the list. But it works only for one CTRLR plugin at the same time.

    Thx for the replies guys!!!

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