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      Hi There CTRLR Peeps!

      This is my first post here after discovering this awesome project a couple of days ago and I am very much delighted to come across it. A big thank you to everyone whom invested their time to make this possible.

      I have a large collection of MIDI analogue and digital classic synth from the 80s onward and looking forward to integrating each one with the convenience of plugin access.

      First up I am integrating an Oberheim Matrix 1000 (Firmware 1.11 – yes I understand buggy!) with Live 9.1.1 using Nightly build of CTRLR 1655.

      After not having much success with Standalone, I have gotten much further in getting things happening within Live using the instructions I found within the forum below on another thread:

      Just for completeness here’s how I’m wording the setup for my users in the readme. Replace (the panel) with your panel name. thanks to llamatron for the basic outline 🙂

      1. Disable the midi ports of the machine you want to control in your DAW.
      2. Load the (the panel) VST into your DAW.
      3. Select the MIDI Out Device connected to your synth in (the panel)’s “MIDI” menu.
      4. Click “Input from plugin host” and “Output to plugin host” under the MIDI” menu. Both these items should appear in the MIDI menu with a check mark next to them.
      5. Additionally you must enable Plugin Host-> Output Device under “MIDI, MIDI Thru” (In the top Menu) in order for MIDI to go from the DAW to your synth connected to the MIDI Output Device you select in the step above.
      6. For Ableton Live: Put an external audio effect after (the panel) in the tracks chain, select no output for Audio To, and your sound cards channel receiving the synths output in Audio From.

      I have followed the above instructions and can that:
      – I can play and hear my Matrix 1000 when playing my controller keyboard
      – Moving obvious parameters on Matrix 1000 Panel on screen is definitely ffecting sound (e.g. VCF Cutoff) and I can see activity lights on my MIDI interface are showing activity.

      The problems I am having:

      1) The command: Programs -> Request Current Program does not seem to update the Panel on screen (I can’t grab the current program selected on the Matrix 1000). I have tried invoking manual dump a single program from the Matrix 1000 front panel (Data Dump -> “1do”) and I can see a SysEx data has reached the MIDI input port using CTRLR’s MIDI Monitor.

      2) Selecting different programs using the Program Change seems to have no effect. for example selecting Programs -> Bank 0 -> Matrix Program 10 seems to have no effect on the unit.

      What might I possibly have set incorreclty? The MIDI channel of my Matrix is set to channel 11 (and I’ve made the correct settings in CTRLR panel) and it is connected to Input B and Output B of my MIDI Sport 2×2 interface.

      This seems a little strange since things are working 50% (i.e. I can tweak parameters inside the Matrix 1000 and Notes data is definitely reaching the synth and I can hear it) … I just can’t seem to get data out of the synth into the CTRL and the functions to send MIDI Program Changes from CTRLR are not reaching the synth.

      Keen for any assistance you can offer!

      Looking forward to expanding integration for my other hardware synths:
      Korg Prophecy, Access Virus TI Polar, MiniBrute, Korg DW8000, Yamaha AN1X, Kawai K5000s, Ensoniq FIZMO, 2 x Ensoniq ASR10 racks, Roland MKS80, korg 05RW and DSI Mopho. I also have Yamaha CS15 and Sequential Pro One connected via Kenton ProSolo (mk1).

      Cheers, Best Wishes and looking forward to contributing some missing panels once I am competent.


      --> Music: www.soundcloud.com/jasefos
      --> DAW: OSX10.10.5 with Live 9.6 x64, UA Apollo Quad
      --> Controllers: Push 2, KeyLab61, Maschine mk2, MCU Pro, 2xMCU-Ext
      --> Synths: Cyclone Bass Bot TT303, ESQ1, MKS80/MPG80, Matrix 6R, Matrix1000, Mopho, 05RW, DW8000, Virus TI Polar, Voyager Electric Blue, MiniBrute, AN1X, K5000s, FIZMO, ASR10 rack, Kenton ProSolo (controls Sequential Pro-One, Yamaha CS15), Prophecy, EMX1, MonoTribe, SP1200, DX100, KARP Odyssey

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        I have also a Matrix 1000, don’t know the firmware version, it is black.
        I’m in the same situation as yours, the panel works in Live 8 but the request edit buffer doesn’t work neither in Live nor in standalone.
        I’m suspecting the panel to not implements it because it’s a bit complex, you have to get the dump, and set each parameter one by one. It’s just a supposition, I don’t know well…

        If you find informations, please put a link here, thanks.

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