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    Just started using Ctrlr big thanks to Atom for the fantastic program.

    I have started working on a Patch editor for the Roland FC300 foot controller been wanting one since I bought it 3 years ago. Im sure I will be asking loads of questions as I get into making everything work as it should but so far so good.

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    Ive been playing around with ctrlr for a week now got the hang of sending midi and sysex messages from modulators on a panel now Im getting into setting the panel up to do specific tasks and definately need some help in making this work
    I have the following modulators to ammend varios global settings on the FC300 Footcontroller and have atheir ranges set up to match the various parameter values on the unit.

    The sysex for these is all contained is a single 36 byte sysex as follows:
    F0 41 00 00 00 1E 12 20 00 00 00 09 00 00 01 27 00 02 09 00 01 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 01 01 1F F7

    THe various parameters byte location is as detailed below
    Byte Param Value Range

    12 Display Contrast (00h-0Fh)
    13 Economy Mode (00h-01h)
    14 Program Change Mode (00h-01h)
    15 Bank Change Mode (00h-02h)
    16 Bank Extent (00h-62h)
    17 Bank Step (00h-01h)
    18 Bank Display (00h-02h)
    19 Mode Sequence (00h-0Fh)
    20 Pedal Indicator (00h-01h)
    21 Amp1 Polarity (00h-01h)
    22 Amp2 Polarity (00h-01h)
    23 Midi Channel (00h-0Fh)
    25 Bank Select Out (00h-02h)
    26 Bank Select MSB (00h-7Fh)
    27 Bank Select LSB (00h-7Fh)
    32 E3/C3 (00h-01h)
    33 E4/C5 (00h-01h)
    34 E5/C7 (00h-01h)

    The plan is to read these vaules from the sysex dump and ammend the modulator values when the panel loads, adnd then to send a sysex message on the click of a write to controller button.
    I assume I will need to do this has to be done via lua one when the panel loads and another for the write button to send the sysex message.
    Excuse me if this question seems obvious but Im new to ctrl how to I
    1) get the casios parameters from the sysex dump and modify the modulator values
    2) get the current modulator values and create the sysex file to send

    Many thanks

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    I know this is a really old post, but I was wondering how you made out with for the Roland FC-300 midi editor Ctrlr panel?
    I have a FC-300 and it is a real pain to program to controller without a software editor.

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    If someone figured this out I’m also interested. Thanks!

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