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      Hi There CTRLRists,

      I’m on MacOSX using the older 5.3.85 build of CTRLR since much functionality and bugs appear to have been introduced in newer builds of CTRLR for MacOSX since.

      With my MKS80 Panel, I have no problem using Snapshots – i.e. I use the Program Snapshot function, it adds a Snapshot with a default name to the Programs menu which I can then rename using the MIDI Librarian function.

      I’ve been trying out the TX81Z Panel (latest ‘mod 5’ version by Roman Kubiak and Limeflavour panel, modified by Amateur Tools, further modded by hlrf) however the when I use the Program Snapshot function, no new entry is added to the Snapshot menu.

      Considering the only difference between using the TX81Z panel and my MKS80 panel is the panels themselves, I guess there is a setting somewhere within the Panel itself that governs if the Snapshot functions work or not.

      If someone can point me to this setting that would be great since in Live 9 with the MKS80, I have an Instrument Rack in my Ableton user library to which I keep adding Snapshot presets I’ve made. I’d like to do the same for TX81Z.


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