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    hope you like the topic title.

    i think atom is probably aware of this. i think it needs some
    priority fixes, as it is the main current downfall of Ctrlr.

    getting towards the end stages of a panel, you can REALLY SCREW
    THINGS UP BADLY doing something you thought was perfectly ok:

    groups or tabs can jump into other groups and tabs and ‘disappear’,
    even after being saved successfully in the position you want them in.
    you save, close the panel, re-open it, and you main UITabs has
    *disappeared* – !!?!! aaargh??? – (or another group)

    ok, it isn’t that bad, and panicking is the worse thing to do.
    your Group, or UITabs has ‘jumped’ into a neighbouring Group
    or Tabs, because there’s an overlap, or even just because they
    are too close. in my case here, the transparent part of the
    UITabs was overlapping the bottom of a Group above it.

    On re-opening Ctrlr, my Group had disappeared.
    Before, that would have freaked me out, but i know now that it’s
    jumped somewhere, so i open Modulator List, find the Group, and
    ‘make selected visible on canvas’, close Modulator List, and go
    back to the Panel, are there is my Group, sitting inside the UITabs,
    *covering another Group*(densely populated by modulators i don’t
    want to screw up).
    (you can see in the Modulator List that it has jumped, because it
    now belongs to the wrong Group or UITabs)

    so i have to find an edge of the ‘jumped’ Group, rightclick it,
    and un’lock’ it so it can be moved. for safety, i move it to an
    empty area of the workspace. then i move it back to where it is
    supposed to be. if i’m lucky, it doesn’t jump back into the
    group/tabs i’ve just moved it from. otherwise i have to start
    again, and resize it so it doesn’t happen again. now i have to
    find a solution to avoid these 2 group/tabs overlapping. that
    is the only way to resolve it. – then lock, save, etc. and i
    should be able to re-open it successfully and carry on working.

    that is a ‘best case scenario’: quite often, you have to resize
    things to get hold of them, and it’s a bit of a nightmare.
    maybe i’ve structured my panel with too many groups, but i like
    groups, because i can move all the objects/modulators together,
    and i’ve had to repeat groups, as well, by copying them, where
    the hardware has multiples of the same thing.

    right now, though, i’m looking at a new problem that i have NO
    idea bhow to resolve yet: the Selected Tab header has just
    vanished.(why?!!! i’ll have to sort that out…)

    so, i would call these ‘instabilities’. stuff that a new, or
    regular/experienced user does not need to deal with, especially
    in closing stages of a project where everything is neatly numbered
    and attributed. atom, if you can prioritize this, i think it’s good
    for Ctrlr 😉

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    human fly
    • Topics: 124
    • Replies: 1070
    • Total: 1194
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    right, do you know what that was? the Front Tab Text, disappearing?
    i found it: for some unknown reason (unlikely to be a bad click, but
    you never know), the ‘width’ setting of the Tab Text had gone to ‘0’,
    instead of ‘1’. glad i spotted that quickly. sorted.

    other comments about jumping groups and tabs remains.

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