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    Hi Atom, would you mind showing how to draw the waveshape in the component using data from a MemoryBlock instead of a file? I’ve been trying to but can’t seem to figure out what to do instead of the loadFromFile call you use in the demo panel.

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    Anything from the AudioThumbnail class will work:

    you can always check out the magic what() function in Lua to see what methods are available, in this case:

    >>> what (panel:getWaveformComponent("modulator-3"))
    Object type [CtrlrWaveform]
    	                      getRight:	function
    	             getPropertyDouble:	function
    	      copyAllExplicitColoursTo:	function
    	                   focusGained:	function
    	    setRepaintsOnMouseActivity:	function
    	                     getBottom:	function
    	                    getMaximum:	function
    	              setComponentText:	function
    	              isFocusContainer:	function
    	        parentHierarchyChanged:	function
    	                     isVisible:	function
    	         setExplicitFocusOrder:	function
    	                        setEnd:	function
    	                      getAlpha:	function
    	             setCentreRelative:	function
    	                removeProperty:	function
    	          removeChildComponent:	function
    	                getComponentAt:	function
    	                       mouseUp:	function
    	canModalEventBeSentToComponent:	function
    	      minimisationStateChanged:	function
    	                setComponentID:	function
    	             localAreaToGlobal:	function
    	                    findColour:	function
    	             setFocusContainer:	function
    	                      setAlpha:	function
    	                getTotalLength:	function
    	                getComponentID:	function
    	  isBroughtToFrontOnMouseClick:	function
    	                         click:	function
    	                         paint:	function
    	            lookAndFeelChanged:	function
    	             visibilityChanged:	function
    	                getVisibleArea:	function
    	               findChildWithID:	function
    	               getScreenBounds:	function
    	                   getHashCode:	function
    	                     isEnabled:	function
    	            getParentComponent:	function
    	                  getLuaBounds:	function
    	          getApproximateMinMax:	function
    	             removeAllChildren:	function
    	            getMouseXYRelative:	function
    	      getInterceptsMouseClicks:	function
    	          getParentMonitorArea:	function
    	         getWantsKeyboardFocus:	function
    	                       setSize:	function
    	                       hitTest:	function
    	             setPropertyColour:	function
    	                    getScreenY:	function
    	               childrenChanged:	function
    	            setTopLeftPosition:	function
    	               keyStateChanged:	function
    	      setInterceptsMouseClicks:	function
    	                       getRect:	function
    	             setCentrePosition:	function
    	             getChildComponent:	function
    	         getExplicitFocusOrder:	function
    	            childBoundsChanged:	function
    	                     setReader:	function
    	          getTopLevelComponent:	function
    	                     setOpaque:	function
    	                 colourChanged:	function
    	                       repaint:	function
    	getMouseClickGrabsKeyboardFocus:	function
    	                    getScreenX:	function
    	                          getY:	function
    	                   isMouseOver:	function
    	                setLookAndFeel:	function
    	                getLocalBounds:	function
    	setSourceSamplesPerThumbnailSample:	function
    	             removeFromDesktop:	function
    	               getWindowHandle:	function
    	               getParentHeight:	function
    	                getCurrentFile:	function
    	         getCurrentAudioBuffer:	function
    	setMouseClickGrabsKeyboardFocus:	function
    	             getBoundsInParent:	function
    	        setPaintingIsUnclipped:	function
    	      getIndexOfChildComponent:	function
    	                      contains:	function
    	                      addBlock:	function
    	                 isFullyLoaded:	function
    	                 getLocalPoint:	function
    	                reallyContains:	function
    	         getComponentMidiValue:	function
    	                     mouseDrag:	function
    	                          getX:	function
    	             setPropertyDouble:	function
    	                centreWithSize:	function
    	       createComponentSnapshot:	function
    	                 setPositioner:	function
    	                    setVisible:	function
    	             addAndMakeVisible:	function
    	                  loadFromFile:	function
    	                 isAlwaysOnTop:	function
    	             isMouseButtonDown:	function
    	        userTriedToCloseWindow:	function
    	         setComponentMidiValue:	function
    	             enablementChanged:	function
    	                getParentWidth:	function
    	            setBufferedToImage:	function
    	isCurrentlyBlockedByAnotherModalComponent:	function
    	              getComponentText:	function
    	           removeMouseListener:	function
    	              addChildAndSetID:	function
    	                     isShowing:	function
    	                    keyPressed:	function
    	             updateMouseCursor:	function
    	          handleCommandMessage:	function
    	                getPropertyInt:	function
    	             isColourSpecified:	function
    	                      toBehind:	function
    	         inputAttemptWhenModal:	function
    	                         reset:	function
    	                     getBounds:	function
    	                getMouseCursor:	function
    	         sendLookAndFeelChange:	function
    	                      isOpaque:	function
    	                mouseWheelMove:	function
    	            setComponentEffect:	function
    	                getLookAndFeel:	function
    	         setVerticalZoomFactor:	function
    	                 getProperties:	function
    	            getComponentEffect:	function
    	                exitModalState:	function
    	 setBroughtToFrontOnMouseClick:	function
    	                     setBounds:	function
    	                    getMinimum:	function
    	                setBoundsInset:	function
    	         setWantsKeyboardFocus:	function
    	                         clear:	function
    	                         moved:	function
    	             setBoundsRelative:	function
    	                      setStart:	function
    	                getNumChannels:	function
    	                        toBack:	function
    	                       toFront:	function
    	                  setMidiValue:	function
    	         getNumChildComponents:	function
    	                     getHeight:	function
    	                       setName:	function
    	                  getMidiValue:	function
    	           modifierKeysChanged:	function
    	              mouseDoubleClick:	function
    	                    setEnabled:	function
    	                    mouseEnter:	function
    	             paintOverChildren:	function
    	                setPropertyInt:	function
    	             addChildComponent:	function
    	                   getPosition:	function
    	                   getProperty:	function
    	              hasKeyboardFocus:	function
    	                  getLocalArea:	function
    	                     mouseMove:	function
    	          paintEntireComponent:	function
    	           setTopRightPosition:	function
    	                  addToDesktop:	function
    	             proportionOfWidth:	function
    	                   setProperty:	function
    	       getCachedComponentImage:	function
    	             setPropertyString:	function
    	                    getMarkers:	function
    	          createFocusTraverser:	function
    	                        __init:	function
    	                      getValue:	function
    	                  removeColour:	function
    	                addKeyListener:	function
    	            proportionOfHeight:	function
    	             getScreenPosition:	function
    	             parentSizeChanged:	function
    	                     focusLost:	function
    	       setCachedComponentImage:	function
    	                 getObjectTree:	function
    	       removeComponentListener:	function
    	                 isTransformed:	function
    	             removeKeyListener:	function
    	         getNumSamplesFinished:	function
    	                      setValue:	function
    	             getPropertyString:	function
    	                 getPositioner:	function
    	                    isParentOf:	function
    	                  setTransform:	function
    	            postCommandMessage:	function
    	              addMouseListener:	function
    	               getTextForValue:	function
    	            localPointToGlobal:	function
    	          addComponentListener:	function
    	             grabKeyboardFocus:	function
    	                setMouseCursor:	function
    	    moveKeyboardFocusToSibling:	function
    	             getComponentValue:	function
    	                     mouseDown:	function
    	                      getWidth:	function
    	                       resized:	function
    	             setComponentValue:	function
    	                broughtToFront:	function
    	         isMouseOverOrDragging:	function
    	                   isOnDesktop:	function
    	                       getPeer:	function
    	                     setColour:	function
    	  focusOfChildComponentChanged:	function
    	                  getTransform:	function
    	                setAlwaysOnTop:	function
    	               enterModalState:	function
    	              isCurrentlyModal:	function
    	                     mouseExit:	function
    	             deleteAllChildren:	function
    	                setBoundsToFit:	function
    	            getApproximatePeak:	function
    	                  setLuaBounds:	function

    You can check out how what works in the Juce manual (the waveform component in Ctrlr is just an implementation of the AudioThumbnail class): http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/juce/api/classAudioThumbnail.html

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    Sure that’s also possible, i’ll add that.

    thanks a lot. If you get an example made it’d be great if you could send a link to a zip or something to save you some time instead of putting it in the new build, compiling the new build, uploading the new build, etc. but whatever works best for you.

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    The panel examples are always available from the SVN repository on sf.net, it’s public and anyone can download the latest version.

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    That should be there now, please use the latest nightly (i added some memory management so Ctrlr doesn’t leak it when using AudioFormatReaders)

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    I created a special placehold panel for all the DEMO panels with a link to the SVN repository: http://ctrlr.org/demo-panels/

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    Thanks for posting the demo, atom. I’ve got it nearly completely implemented. I’m using 48kHz .wav files, so the more or less standard waveform contains 1024 samples, which is easily devisable by 64. The waldorf microwaves only store/transmit 64 samples. Now i just need to grab every 16th sample to get to the zero crossing at the 513th sample and pass that on to my custom component.

    I’m currently playing with the 8th line in the convert script to try and make some of the byte grabbing of the imported wave’s sampleData a little more manageable.

    Just so you’re aware, the header of your “convert” script contains what I believe (hope!) is a typo:

    convert = function(audioFromat)
    	if audioFormat then
    		console ("audioFormat is valid")

    Fromat 🙂

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    oh yeah it’s a type-o, it’s the name of the variable you can put “cock” in there and just reference “cock” inside the code, no problem.

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    right but if you put cock in there wont it get stuck if you call it occk later on?? like your code did?

    Nothing actually was broke, just happened to see it was (audioFromat) then in the next line “audioFormat”, and the next line etc.

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    Question on this..

    How do I get and assign every nth byte of the results of (sampleData:toHexString(1))
    to variables I already have set?

    I’ve got:

    WAVDSigned_XT_Sample01 = (sampleData:toHexString(1):getByte(1))
    WAVDSigned_XT_Sample02 = (sampleData:toHexString(1):getByte(2))
    WAVDSigned_XT_Sample03 = (sampleData:toHexString(1):getByte(3))

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    Well yes and no 🙂 it’s a type-o, if you put “cock” in

    convert = function(cock)

    then you just need to use that variable in the function, so replace audioFormat and audioFromat (if any) in the code with cock and it should work, it’s the same rule as with any other function argument.

    I don’t remember if audioFormat wasn’t declare in a different lua method, and since ALL variables in Lua are global that might cause some issue. You can declare local only variables in Lua using the “local” keyword like so

    convert = function(cock)
         local vagina = 1 -- vagina will be a local variable to this method, 
                          -- no other method will see it, so it will always
                          -- evaluate to nil anywhere outside this method

    more details here for example: http://lua.gts-stolberg.de/en/Variablen.php in the section “Variables – Scope of application”

    • This reply was modified 9 years, 3 months ago by atom.
    • This reply was modified 9 years, 3 months ago by atom.
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    nevermind. `
    WAVDSigned_XT_Sample01 = ((sampleData):getByte(1))
    WAVDSigned_XT_Sample02 = ((sampleData):getByte(2))
    WAVDSigned_XT_Sample03 = ((sampleData):getByte(3))

    wtf i need some beer.

    • This reply was modified 9 years, 3 months ago by msepsis.

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