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      it would be good if a future ‘edition’ (!) of the manual covered
      all the items in the parameters/properties panel (goodweather having
      done a great job so far) as a reference.

      i’m currently wondering what the ‘Custom..’ entries are for:


      ..i mean, i could go right down the list with a lot of questions,
      i’m still muddling through, trying things to see what they do, and
      pretty sure they are not all covered. i think any new user is in
      that situation.

      right now, i’m looking for a way to link up a combo and ‘inc/dec’
      buttons as one control. i have done it before but it was a fluke
      that it worked, and i can’t see how i did it. currently, both have
      the same VSTIndex# but only the combo has the sysex message. i only
      want the inc/dec to act on the combo, and do nothing when the combo
      dropdown list is used by itself
      ie: desired action: select from list OR step through list sequentially
      using -/+

      any alternative ideas for this welcome also!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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