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    has anybody worked on a panel for yamaha 4op synths like the tq5 or fb01? those are real sound gems … i would team up to do a panel for that one. cheers from berlin! lilak

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    I have a TQ5 and would love a panel. Love this synth. Not sure how to get started but am eager!


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    for the TQ5 you could try the TX81Z panel ( btw: I just posted an improved version in another thread here). It might work, or can be made to work with the TQ5 without much effort.

    It will not work with the FB01. Creating an FB01 panel is high on my TODO list since I have discovered Ctrlr!

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    ^ same here. Just got an FB-01 and ran in to Ctrlr recently.

    Would love to cooperate to see a nice panel for this synth.
    Have you gotten anywhere yet?

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    i just tested the tx81z panel with my tq5 and its only working partially, its missing important stuff like the pitch envelope, global parameters, effects etc. … also i think it needs numeric display of the parameters.

    so im getting into programming a complete panel for the tq5, i looked at the sysex specs and basically understand NADA with all the cryptic shortcuts. anybody has insight into yamahaspeak 😉 ?

    think ill start with modifying the tx81z panel and see how far i get …

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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