Help! I downloaded the Emu E4 beta panel & it crashed my Ctrlr

Hi everyone,

First thanks to the  writers of this amazing software for your great & invaluable work which Iv been using for a few years now with no problems , until today ..when I (stupidly perhaps) loaded the Emu E4 beta panel into Ctrlr as a new panel. It completely crashed & has rendered my Ctrlr app & all the panels unusable.

Its just jammed on a welcome note from the E4 panel developer (” thanks for trying my E4 panel/controller…hope you enjoy using it “etc…)


I can not open any of my other panels or erase the E4 beta panel, its just jammed/ crashed.  The only thing I can do is quit Ctrlr.


Im on Mavericks, OSX 10.9.5 & run Ctrlr as standalone.


I erased Ctrlr.. trashed it ,& the VST & Component versions from my library & downloaded the latest version Ctrlr- 5.3.198 .dmg ( which worked fine with all my other panels (7).

I restarted my computer after I trashed all the Ctrlr apps & the re-downloaded Ctrlr- 5.3.198 .dmg again & launched it & ***** ! its still there . It still opens stuck on the E4 panel.


I would appreciate it if anyone could help me get rid of this **** ,no disrespect to the E4 panel developer intended.  Its entirely my own fault for eagerly downloading an untested perhaps BETA panel.


I would love a working E4 Ctrlr panel , but would be happy for now with just my other Ctrlr panels working again,   Thanks ,    regards           Paul


2 thoughts on “Help! I downloaded the Emu E4 beta panel & it crashed my Ctrlr”

  1. Hi , I couldnt find my post above to edit it . & once again thanks & Kudos to Roman / Atom etc.
    I Resolved the problem by removing the Ctrlr preferences & presets from the ‘hidden’ library ,thanks to Ummo’s post on Ctrlr crashing in Mac OSX on startup & ‘atom’s ‘replies for inspiration & direction, good vibes to all

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