Hoodies: Some Modern Ways to Wear Them

As with black-and-white-striped clothing, black-and-white headgear, and the like, it formerly was an indicator of criminality and wrongdoing that a hooded sweatshirt belonged on your person.  Learn how to wear hoodies properly. Why? With the exception of its utility, the hoodie has undergone a makeover by designers and is now more likely to be seen on well-dressed males than the defacto uniform of furious teens.

As part of a layered appearance: As much as we’re extolling the virtues of how to wear hoodies like an All over printed hoodies, don’t assume that wearing one is all about expressing yourself. The hoodie, when worn as part of a layered outfit, is surprisingly understated.

With an Athlete-Inspired Look: You can count on us to be ardent supporters whenever comfort and coolness go hand-in-hand. With at leisure, you won’t have to worry about appearing like you were too lazy to change out of your workout clothes due to those creative menswear designers.

Leather Jacket Over the Hood: The high-low combination may not be for everyone, so if you want to stick to more familiar ground, that’s just OK. Season after season, this is one low-octane combo that will show the world you know how to wear hoodies. Leather jacket with hoodie like an All over printed hoodies.

Customization: Learn to wear hoodies with a suit or blazer, and you’ll be easily recognised as a member of Club Menswear for the rest of your life. That doesn’t mean you can’t give this high-low mix a whirl.

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