How to fix Gmail settings are out of date error?

The account setup process on the gmail account on windows 10 mail application is very easy. you can easily setup it on the gmail account.

But some of might know about the  proper procedure to add the gmail account on the windows 10. Due to which, when you add the gmail account on the phone or computer. you will get the errors related to the gmail.

Gmail settings are out of date error on windows 10 mail is one of them. Generally this error comes when the password is incorrect. but there can be several other reasons for this problem. here in this article, I am going to describe the proper solution to fix it. you may apply it on your devices.

How to fix gmail not receiving emails problem on phone or computer?

  1. First of all, you need to check the internet connection on the windows computer. make sure there is no errors related to the network connection.
  2. Open the mail application on the computer and go to the settings. here you need to click on the gmail account and then update the gmail password. now refresh the mailbox. Let’s see is it working fine now or not?
  3. Some of you might not be able to access the gmail account because of the incorrect imap server information. So you need to update the imap server information on the mail application and then go to the gmail settings and enable the imap servers.
  4. Please remove the current gmail account from the phone and then re-add the account using the valid settings. once you will add the gmail account. please try to access the gmail account again. it should be working fine for you now.

So these are the steps to fix the gmail problems. in case, if you are dealing with some other issues. Please visit askprob blogs for more assistance.

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