Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Guide For Beginners – How To Use Weapons For Amazon

Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Guide For Beginners - How To Use Weapons For Amazon

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, Amazon has 3 series of skills: javelin and Spear Skills, passive and magic skills, bow and Crossbow Skills, and has 6 damage types of physics, magic, ice, electricity, fire, and poison. Today, we have brought you Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon novice introduction and Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon experience sharing. Let’s analyze Amazon’s positioning, playing methods, and the difficulty of land reclamation. Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items and runewords, utplay.com is always the safest online store.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Amazon Guide For Beginners – How To Use Weapons For Amazon

When we talk about Amazon, we naturally think of the bow. The bow can be opened as long as it has a second-line bow. The standard horse is not the case. The target word must first have “infinity”, because the electrical immunity of most monsters in hell can be broken by the victory aura on the “infinity” of the D2R Rune Word‚Äč. Therefore, infinity is essential for the target. Of course, there are a few monsters who can’t break the victory, so don’t worry about it and TP leave.

Bowazon is a legal profession, but it is not a pure legal profession. She has requirements for the attributes of legal physics, skill damage, FCR, IAS, safety and endurance. These requirements limit the main equipment of AMA, which requires us to consider and choose in the remaining matching space.

Guarantee of endurance
PVC standard horses have much greater requirements for endurance than cattle farms, especially those with blue sucking monsters like chaos. At this time, because the monster density is not high, the attribute effect of EK should be discounted. At this time, LM is the core and the most stable means of absorbing blue. In order to enhance the effect of LM as much as possible, we can upgrade the invisible TT and enable the power pet to reduce the requirement for LM value. At the same time, a certain breaking immunity is attached. Generally, there should be 10 + LM (there should be two LM).

Mana’s upper limit is the third layer of insurance except for LM and EK. Its function is to store the absorbed blue to cope with excessive consumption. Generally, the forehand is 500-600 and the second hand is 800 +. If you really lack blue, unlock the blue bottle and pick up the bottle to drink.

This char is block type. It has amazing lethality, good physical and element resistance, and key data after molding. Lethality: 10K + impulse energy strike. 4K + lightning rage reduced reactance is 85 + 20 + 20 = 125. LF: generally around 3000 depending on equipment quality. Mana: generally, forehand 500 + ~ 600 + backhand 700 + ~ 800 +.

Used to the feel of SOR, AMA’s TP must be uncomfortable. TP speed is the bottleneck restricting efficiency (68 gears is equivalent to naked SOR). The use of four TP is a timely help to AMA, which greatly increases the mobility of AMA. In a word, the standard horse is very equipped.

Amazon 8pp has no customs clearance record, and 1pp only ranks sixth. It is a very weak hero. Amazon has two playing methods: Standard horse and bow horse. The standard horse has three kinds of damage: physical, electrical, and poison. In fact, it is mainly electrical. Bow horse mainly deals with physical, magic, ice, and fire damage. Speed pass basically doesn’t consider bow horse, because bow horse can increase damage only by adding agility points. It can’t use a shield with less physical value, and the fault tolerance rate is too low. One of the key points that the standard horse is stronger than the bow horse in the speed pass mode is that the standard horse can take a shield and add attribute points to physical strength, resulting in a higher fault tolerance rate.

In terms of equipment selection, Amazon’s required / requirement for IAS (attack speed) is very high, and it can even abandon the equipment with skills for attack speed. The 1pp fast pass record was created by the standard horse of the electric system. Amazon is difficult to quickly pass the 8pp expert mode. It is entirely expected that it is the same as the assassin. However, compared with the assassin, the low fault tolerance rate and low damage make Amazon’s priority very low.

The biggest reason for Amazon’s weakness is that the javelin can’t use the language of perfect topaz, and the bow can use the language of perfect topaz, but it can’t use the shield, and the fault tolerance rate is too low. The above is all the content shared by Diablo 2 remaking Amazon’s pioneering experience.