Top React Native UI Component and Animation Libraries to Use in 2021

A well-crafted User Interface (UI) is necessary if you wish to enhance the engagement on your mobile application. Apart from creating appealing UIs, it is also essential to include subtle animations to keep the users hooked for a longer time.

Animations, along with giving special effects, are also used to communicate with the user’s action. With React Native, there are two complementary animation systems:

  • Layout Animation: It is used for animated global layout transactions
  • Animated: It is used for granular or interactive control of specific values

Over the years, React Native has emerged as a platform that has a plethora of animation libraries. React Native animation libraries bring life to the user experience. Therefore, this makes React Native a premier contender to develop your next native application.

Thus, we have included top React Native UI components and animation libraries that will boost the user experience. Let us see the front-runners in detail!

Top React Native Animation Libraries

Here, we will see the top React Native animation libraries. The developers can use these animation libraries to create an immersive app experience for the user. These React Native animation libraries will also render a unique identity to the app as well.

React Native Reanimated

React Native Reanimated has 5K GitHub stars and can enable a higher rate of flexibility with gesture-based interactions. Moreover, it offers a complete low-level abstraction to build an animated library API on top. To add to the credibility, its Open base review is 4.3/5.

Lottie Web

Lottie-web is a mobile library for iOS and web that is known to render native experiences on mobile. It does that by dissolving Adobe After Effects animations with Bodymovin. The React Native UI component has 24.1K stars on GitHub and, like React Native Reanimated, it has an MIT license. As far as the Open base review is concerned, it is 4.7/5.

Lottie React Native

The main focus of Lottie React Native is to enable a native experience on mobile. It has an Apache 2.0 license, and on GitHub, it has 14K stars. Moreover, the React Native animation library is famous among developers as it is really easy to use. For Opebase review, it has a rating of 4.8/5.

React Native SVG Animations

If you wish to display a vector image in an animated format, React Native SVG animations are used. It has 119 stars on GitHub and its package contains wrapper elements used for illustrating animations. The Open base review of this React Native animation library is not available.

 Now it is time to see the leading React Native UI components.

Top React Native UI Component Libraries

Here is a detailed list of the best React Native UI component libraries. The primary aim of these UI component libraries is to make user-friendly UIs. And similar to the animation libraries, the UI component libraries also enhance the user experience.


If you are just beginning to create applications, NativeBase will serve you the best. Besides being a recognized UI component library, NativeBase also offers mobile-first and accessible elements. It has design systems optimized for both the light and dark modes. Moreover, this React Native UI component library is used to support accessibility with React Native ARIA.

React Native Elements

This UI component library is easier to personalize due to its customized themes. React Native also includes elements such as star ratings, divider, pricing, avatars. In addition, it also has badges, social icon buttons, and overlay as well.

React Native element aims to curtail the efforts of putting packages together. It does that by rendering readymade kits to the developers with a stable API.

React Native Snap Carousel

The snap carousel is competent with both iOS and Android. It has multiple layouts, parallax images, previews, and much more. Thus, React Native Snap Carousel will be your best bet if you wish to have a stylish carousel.

This React Native UI library component has many tips to enhance the overall performance optimization. Moreover, the carousel is adequately documented and has some other valuable features as well.

React Native Gifted Chat

Every element of React Native Gifted Chat is easily customizable. Therefore, if you are looking for a complete chat UI library, look no further than React Native Gifted Chat. The library here also has the support of Redux as well.

All the elements of this React Native UI library component are written in TypeScript.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, the first aim of React Native UI components and animation libraries is to make user-friendly UIs. This is the reason why most of the libraries here are easily customizable. Moreover, they also contain some immaculate built-in features as well. For an immersive experience, you also need a trusted and reliable React Native mobile app development partner. Thus, if you are looking to race ahead of your peers and enhance the user experience, opt for React Native UI library components.

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