Web Development Reseller Program – Steps To Become A Web Host Reseller

You’ve made the decision to obtain a reseller web hosting account in order to resell webspace. The foremost thing is to do a Web Development Reseller Program. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to become a web host reseller after completing the reseller program.

Determine the platform you wish to utilise.

Because there are more open-source software packages accessible for Linux than for Windows, Linux is less expensive. While the majority of applications ( PHP, Flash, Perl, and so on) work on both systems, a handful exclusively runs on Windows or Linux. A Windows platform is required for a site that uses MS or ASP Access.

Select the control panel that you wish to utilise.

Website control panels range from the most basic to the most advanced. You will also have a control panel as a reseller to set up and manage hosting accounts.

We examine various control panels in Choosing Your Hosting Automation Software; they all offer good functionality for web host resellers.

Select a web host.

The web host firm you select for your reseller account is an important decision – the quality of your host determines the success of your business. White label Facebook marketing plays an essential role in Ads management services for your clients. Consider the following factors when selecting a web host for a reseller account:

  • The control panel and platform
  • Account characteristics
  • The company’s reputation – look for online client reviews.
  • The server uptime record
  • The degree of assistance – how quickly does tech support react to support inquiries, particularly those that are time-sensitive?
  • Flexibility – does the web host provide packages that enable you to upgrade as your demands grow? Will they be able to modify plans if required?
  • How long has the web host been in business – while a new web host may be excellent, many web hosting companies fail within the first year.
  • Price – think about what is included in the price.
  • Begin with reseller hosting.

Create your hosting plans and pricing.

Split your bandwidth by your disc space to determine the bandwidth-to-disk space ratio you can provide. Consider any ratios that change as you upgrade to a larger package, and then base your packages on that ratio.

Consider what rivals charge for the price, but also any extra services you’ll be delivering.

Create a business website

  1. Use an existing website template to create a website.
  2. Hire a designer or a design firm to create your website.
  3. Create your own website if you have web design abilities.

For website creation, you have three primary options:

Include all of the facts that customers will want to know about you.

Prepare your website for e-commerce.

To take payments for hosting accounts, you must first set up:

  • A payment processor
  • SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.
  • A business account

Create a helpdesk.

A help desk allows clients to contact you with support requests, which you can track and reply to.

Establish billing procedures.

Clients are billed, and payments are logged with an automatic billing system with minimum effort on your side. The majority of billing software licences are paid monthly or annually, with some billing software firms providing lifetime subscriptions.

When selecting billing software, make sure it is compatible with your server platform, and that support is provided.

Make a welcome email.

After you have created hosting accounts for your clients, you must send them a welcome email. Include the following in this email:

  • Confirmation of the plan’s specifics
  • Names of nameservers
  • A login name and a temporary password
  • A shortcut to the control panel
  • Links to your knowledge base, FAQs, and helpdesk

Promote your website

Send your website to search engines. Inform your family, friends, and professional contacts about your website. In your outgoing emails, include a link to it in your signature line. But don’t stop there; promote your website with newsletters, inbound links, advertising, and special deals.Meticulously, to become a web host reseller, you should do a web development reseller program; it will help you in getting all the guidance and necessary things required. Although, this program helps in understanding the critical points of a web host reseller. Moreover, it is advised to do proper research to choose the best place to do the reseller program

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