Yamaha Digital Reverberator REV500

Yamaha REV 500 Reverberator panel.


* Access most hidden controls.
* Save your changes to disk.
* Load patch from file.
* Note that this program does not upload sysex patches to the REV500.
* All save operations must be executed on the REV500 unit itself.



The Yamaha REV500 uses CC/Program Change using values 0-127 for all parameters.

Most parameters range from anything but 0-127 so interpolation of values is required.
Program change using CC is not possible for values above 128 so PRESET patches from 29-100 cannot be selected remotely.
However the panel can load preset data into temp buffer.


1. Connect to MIDI IN/OUT by clicking on the MIDI Icon.
2. Load user patches to panel. Click on **Load User Data**
3. Click on **System Data** button.
4. Click in the top left yellow are to select _input_/_output_ settings.
5. Rename patches (The REV 500 is **not** updated)
6. Save your work to JSON file
7. Load saved patches back to panel. REV500 temp buffer is automatically updated.


  • 0.4  06/30/2021  LCD Font Change // code optimisation // Interface change.
  • 0.03  06/17/2021  Code updates.
  • 0.02 alpha 06/12/2021 fixes crash with speed dial
  • 0.01 alpha 06/11/2021 first release
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