3 Key Aspects of how Mobile Apps Can Assist Businesses in Getting the Most Out of Dubai World Expo

In the last few decades, cities like Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai, and Riyadh have put the Middle East on the map of the business world. Once considered sleepy towns and cities, these are now bustling with activity with people flocking to have a pie of the tremendous development in every sector. The Dubai Expo 2020 is going to be you as it will ensure that businesses can showcase their products and services to the entire world.

The Expo opens on 1st October 2021 and will run for over 6 months. This is a huge opportunity for everyone participating in it to make a mark. Right from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and startups, there is something for everyone to rejoice in, as there is ample scope for everyone. But there are many factors that businesses need to keep in mind to make the most out of this event. 

One aspect is offering the visitors and everyone around the world a tool that can help them connect with the event in the products or services we are offering. A mobile app can do the trick in this concern as we all use a smartphone or handheld devices. That is why the need for a mobile app has risen sharply and you won’t find many companies without a mobile app of their own.

Please go through this blog as I discuss three key aspects of what a mobile app can offer to people visiting the expo. And how it can help businesses in gaining more grounds to make a good impression on their current and prospective customers. 

1. Provide Expo Attendees a Fulfilling and Rewarding Experience  

The preparation for the mobile app is one of the aspects companies have to focus on right from the start. The reason is simple, mobile applications can offer good support to a company, but it can be the other way round. If a mobile app is not up to the mark, then it will leave a bad impression on the user. That is why much emphasis should be put on making a mobile app a great resource for the user rather than just another run-of-the-mill stuff.

Most people do not like to install many apps as most of us already use dozens of apps. The internal memory of a smartphone and RAM gets full as a result and its performance is severely affected. That is why most of us are different from installing new apps. That is why when someone will install your app to have a fulfilling experience of the expo, that app should be exceptional. Otherwise, most of the visitors will uninstall the app within a few minutes, as they have lots of options. 

An overwhelming majority of users looking for a great experience and a good app can increase the ROI for the companies. From the past events, do companies have land that event planning apps generate 42% more social media impressions. And about 60% of event planners thank the occasion for assisting in increasing attendees’ engagement. These are mind-blowing stats for any company to look upon so that they can have a great chance of getting the attention of their audience. 

2. Making a Team Organized 

Businesses look for solutions through which they can organize their workforce. With a big event like the World Expo, no one can take a chance as everything must be immaculate and organized. And it all starts with your team as they are the pillars on which the entire campaign and event can be either a resounding success or a total failure. 

For any team minimizing misunderstanding and encouraging a successful population between them is a given. And that’s why any app should have many features and options to make this happen. If the individual team members can be engaged thoroughly in the planning of an event, the outcome should be positive. The role of the administrator, onsite coordinator, and the people welcoming guests to their pavilion is immense as all of them must be on the same page. 

All of this can be difficult for team members and even the person leading them. The mobile app development Dubai provided by a reputed software consultancy firm can offer expert support for any company to make things easier for them. 

3. Increase Engagement 

Imagine a scenario where a person who has just registered at the event needs to know exactly what information he will get after visiting your stall. To increase engagement for your product or service, companies need to make an app that can work for their target. Offering them different offers and bonus features so that they are inclined towards coming to your stall will be an added advantage for you. 

A mobile app must be on song when it comes to offering features that are not offered by the majority of the apps. Your app should be customized so that it can offer visitors a bonus feature as a free ticket after buying one or two tickets, and a goodie pack for the children, etc. This will increase their engagement on your install as everyone looking at the goodie packs having the name of a company will be inclined to visit your stall at least once.

Seamless check-in for the event and getting through the entire site of the expo without any hassle can also be achieved with an app. The location of the Expo and the area designated for this event are used and even a person who has visited Dubai can easily get lost in finding the right place for him. An app can easily locate your location within the Expo site and visitors will face no difficulty in visiting your stall. 

Final Word  

Mobile apps can make any product or service look great and for Dubai World Expo, it can do wonders for any company, especially small businesses, and startups. So, what is your recommendation about using a mobile app for companies looking to engage their target audience in the Dubai World Expo? And do you have any experience of using an app in such events?

Please share any experience or incident with other readers of this blog. And if you have a query concerning anything mentioned here, you are more than welcome to speak up. For any feedback too, you can use the comments section below.

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